Are you still homeless since Hurricane Sandy? Join us in our "Walk a mile in our shoes" Event

Join us March 29, 10am
Join us March 29, 10am
Have you lost your home to Hurricane Sandy? Still homeless? Living in a temporary apartment? Tired of promises of help, but no one is helping you>?

Living in an old basement? Or child sleeping in a closet? Sharing a bed with your kids because you cant afford a bigger place?  In your third apartment because you have no where to go???

FEMA has failed us, NYRISING has failed us, our insurance companies failed us!!! We need to protest and help ourselves.

No one seems to care about us, no more news coverage. People speak to me and are shocked I am not home yet. Well I am NOT home yet! Dont I deserve to go home? Don't we all deserve to go home? So many of us here in Long Beach and in Island Park have lost everything, our towns were devastated. But we are survivors!!

Make signs, and wear 'I AM STILL HOMELESS " Shirts. I am going to buy a black t shirt and put "I AM STILL HOMELESS AFTER ALL THESE MONTHS" on it. What will you do?? Will you join us? Or sit back and hope someone else walks and protests???

Tired of agencies losing your paperwork? Inept Caseworkers? no monies? Award letters that were lies!! Tax cuts that were lies!! How many of you were told you were getting help and then received another letter last month stating your award was cut? Or you aren't getting any award at all? JOIN US!!!

Are you homeless but still paying a mortgage? Go on facebook to 'SANDY VICTIMS FIGHTING FEMA' and order a T-shirt from Michelle.

Is your house being lifted, but you arent home yet?? JOIN US!!!

Are you in limbo, still waiting for insurance or FEMA or NYRISING? Join us!!

Tired of empty promises? Join us!!

I have been in three temporary apartments since the Hurricane.

 We cant sign a long lease, because we do not know what is happening with our homes, or when we will be back home-or even if we will be back home.  Not knowing is the worst! How many of you are in the same situation? COME ON NEIGHBORS!! THere are at least 17 displaced families on my block alone!!! Let's all unite and do this!!! 

Walk with your family, your friends! Let's try to get news coverage. We must be heard!!!

If you have difficulty walking ,that is ok, you can still protest with us!   meet us on the Long Beach Boardwalk at Long Beach Road carrying a nice big sign!!!

If you cant walk ,Maybe we can have some cars ahead of the walkers .Staples sells SANDY Car Magnets for $10, buy some and put them on your cars. Put some signs on the cars!! Fill your cars with people!

Please join us in Island Park,
Date: March 29th, 2014
time: 10:00 AM
where: 127 Long Beach Road, Island Park Village Hall.

We will walk from Island Park Village Hall over the Long Beach Bridge into Long Beach to the Long Beach Boardwalk.

If you cannot walk, please join us on the Boardwalk. Bring families! Bring pets! Bring friends! Bring signs!! Wear T shirts!!!
Blow up pictures of your homes and put on a poster ! We need to cause some action here. Maybe get one of the network news channels to cover this!!

If you belong to an organization, ask them to walk with you!!!

Come on you Girl Scouts, Sons of ITaly, Knights of Columbus, Walk with us!!!

Get a group together, and make signs together!!

I want to go home...... Don't you?>?



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