BOE Hears Budget Presentation

All-County artist Caroline Whelan was recognized as an Art Supervisors Association scholarship recipient.
All-County artist Caroline Whelan was recognized as an Art Supervisors Association scholarship recipient.
At the March 25 work session of the Long Beach Board of Education, Superintendent of Schools David Weiss and Chief Operating Officer Michael DeVito presented a draft of the proposed 2014-15 school budget.

            Mr. Weiss began the presentation with an outline of the budget and tax levy goals. Then Mr. DeVito summarized the elementary and secondary program budgets, which were outlined in detail at previous board meetings. Mr. DeVito also explained the costs associated with benefits and debt service. The total 2014-15 budget is projected at $130,717,198.

On the revenue side, Mr. DeVito outlined the history of state aid, which has declined from 26 percent of the total budget in 1997-98 to 14 percent in 2014-15. After subtracting state aid and other revenue sources, Mr. DeVito estimated the proposed tax levy to be $96,727,399. This figure represents a 3.75 percent increase, which meets this year’s tax levy cap requirements for the district. Mr. DeVito explained that based on the tax cap formula, the allowable growth factor for 2014-15 is 1.46 percent, but the district receives an exemption for debt service, which sets the tax levy limit at 3.75 percent. Mr. DeVito also pointed out that over the past two years, the district’s tax levy has been significantly below the maximum allowable pursuant to the tax cap formula.

            After discussing the presentation, the board directed Mr. Weiss to come back to them with suggestions for cutting up to $1 million from the proposed budget. The board will hear the superintendent’s recommendations at a special work session on April 2 before adopting the final proposed budget at the business meeting on April 8.

In other news, the superintendent introduced William Stroud, who will be appointed principal of Long Beach High School at the next regular Board of Education meeting on April 8. A nationally recognized educator with nearly three decades of experience, Mr. Stroud is currently serving as the assistant director at the Consortium for Policy Research in Education at Columbia University-Teachers College.

            Director of Comprehensive Arts Dr. Dale Johanson introduced district art teachers, who presented awards to the district’s 30 All-County artists. Special recognition was given to senior Caroline Whelan, who was the recipient of an Art Supervisors Association scholarship.

Richard Horn March 31, 2014 at 03:03 PM
Can someone explain how 3200 pupils need a budget of 131million dollars? And it is not all the unions fault.
Eddie March 31, 2014 at 04:48 PM
You know the answer, Richard. Mismanagement. Pensions that were never properly funded. Wild capital expansion and construction programs pushed by unqualified board members. Budgets blindly approved by housewives, employees and non-property owners. Unfunded mandates from the state. Unfunded mandates from the feds. More unfunded mandates. Huge inflation thanks to the feds debasing our currency. Loss in commercial tax base. And new technology.
BSM March 31, 2014 at 05:47 PM
Too many highly paid administration positions. Superintendent, Asst Superintendent, Principal, Vice Principal, Director, Asst Director, Chairperson, ad nauseum. It is absurd and totally unnecessary.
Jack March 31, 2014 at 10:00 PM
Too many union patronage jobs, too many teachers, administrators and supervisors. Out of district and illegal alien kids. The teachers are overpaid and underworked for their partime jobs- 6 hours a day for 180 days- every holiday and weekend off plus sick days. That's the public school system. The housewife /PTa types are schills for the unions screaming about how cuts in the budget will ruin their kids chances of getting a 'scholarship" for college. These are the same type of people who watch Rachael Ray and Oprah Winfrey on daytime TV. Their husbands have tattoos on their necks, beer guts hanging over their dirty jeans and wear a sports cap backwards on their head.


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