Hospital stealing Long Beach Money

Bayfront behind LBMC - Feds pay SNCH to take it!
Bayfront behind LBMC - Feds pay SNCH to take it!
I've reposted this article because I read South Nassau's Financial Report online. They're already sitting on hundreds of millions of dollars of profits stashed away and invested- certainly not an appropriate recipient of the FEMA money meant for Long Beach. PDF report at-


My original post of June 3-

 An article in the Herald reports South Nassau is getting $138 million from FEMA that was intended for Long Beach Medical Center. But SNCH CEO Murphy may not use any of the money to repair LBMC. Long Beach may just get a "mobile care unit" and the money will probably get lost in South Nassau's budget. Both Schumer and "Harvey" praise South Nassau for caring for us here (huh?)

Small part of 3-page article pasted below. The whole thing is important reading on the Herald site:


... It is too early to say how much of the FEMA funds will be used in Long Beach and at the SNCH campus, Murphy said, adding that a spending plan would be subject to a federal audit. Funding would also be used to expand South Nassau’s emergency department, where admissions have increased by approximately 4,000 annually, to 64,000, due to LBMC’s closure.

“Without a budget, it’s been too difficult to say how that’s going to be spent, but our goal would be to invest those dollars to benefit the broader community here,” Murphy said. “Certainly we are going to invest an appropriate amount in [the Long Beach] community based on the health care needs that we identify.”

He said that South Nassau plans to hold a series of public forums with the Health Department to gather public input.

Ray Ellmer, who sits on LBMC’s board of trustees, said that he hopes South Nassau makes a significant investment in Long Beach, including a 24-hour emergency department and other services.

“My feeling is that they plan on using some of the FEMA funds to expand their emergency department in Oceanside,” Ellmer said. “What I’d hate to see is that [the funding] just disappears into the books of South Nassau.”


Bob West June 06, 2014 at 10:15 AM
I found South Nassau's financial report online. It's 50 pages, but take the time to look it over. It shows SNCH has hundreds of millions of dollars stashed away already in "investments." Also, they already got a multi-million dollar grants last year to help cover the "Long Beach problem-" $1.5M from the Dormitory Authority of the Sate of New York" and $21M from HEAL- Health Care Efficiency and Affordability Law. This is to fund "legal and other expenses incurred related to the LBMC transaction." .......................... Where the heck is all that money????.................. Interesting reading is about some kind of loose alliance they formed with Winthrop which has never been completed. It says the agreement allowed each hospital to buy other hospitals and still maintain the liason. It's too much for me to fathom at first glance, almost like a "non-aggression pact." Also, the real numbers are astounding. In this audited statement they claim half the number of ER visits you mention above. There's some major stuff in this report, hope some savvy readers can comb over it. Link to report- click link to download http://www.dacbond.com/dacContent/doc.jsp?id=0900bbc780123de1
Bob West June 08, 2014 at 04:31 AM
South Nassau's trying to get $200,000,000 more FEMA money meant for Long Beach. That's almost $5000 for each man woman and child on the barrier Isle. I'd love to get that money- then I could afford to pay for one of the private doc-in-a- box businesses and still have enough left for a cab ride up to Winthrop - a real hospital - if I needed treatment. (Winthrop even accepts my lousy insurance.)
BSM June 08, 2014 at 02:25 PM
Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't FEMA money have to be spent to repair/replace what was there before the storm? Which is why the boardwalk was rebuilt essentially the same as the original......... It also seems to me that now would be a good time to encourage a letter writing campaign to the DOH requesting reconsideration of the departed commissioner's determination that LBMC must not reopen as a full service hospital. His judgement would seem to have been swayed by outside interests.
Bob West June 08, 2014 at 07:31 PM
Yes, all that money was "budgeted" for LBMC to rebuild and reopen. A couple of years before Sandy the State had come up with a plan to reorganize LBMC still as an acute care hospital, just with fewer inpatient beds. Initial FEMA money did get to LBMC, many repairs were done, and last year they said they were ready to partially open. But then State Dept of Health Commissioner Shah said he would not allow LBMC to open because they'd been losing too much money. At that point the "fix was on" for South Nassau. About 2 months after the LBMC decision,.Shah was forced to resign for influence peddling about gas "fracking" and irregularities in inspections of abortion clinics. The next day he got hired by Kaiser-Permanent, a giant HMO/Insurer. This think stinks so bad I think it needs a Federal RICO investigation. If any other kind of company "diverted" hundreds of millions of dollars, it would be National news. But since LBMC was the shill, it barely makes Patch. I wish one of our readers was a tough lawyer looking to get famous with this.


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