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#74 - Take A Surf Lesson

With a variety of surf shops and surfing schools and a slew of surfers, Long Beach is the ideal spot to try your hand at catching waves.

Forget California and say Aloha to Hawaii. New Yorkers can ride the primo waves in Long Beach—a canny spot that attracts East Coast and West Coast surfers looking to ride the Atlantic. 

And, for the green surfer looking to learn how to hang ten and join the array of boarders off the sand, Long Beach is the perfect spot to rent a surf board and take a lesson, which is #74 of Patch's 100 Things To Do In Long Beach series.   

Home to two prominent surf shops, UnSound, located at 359 E. Park Ave., and Long Beach Surf Shop, down the block at 70 W. Park Ave, Long Beach provides an ample amount of rentals, including foam boards, handmade Polyesters, wetsuits, and shoes, instructors, and opportunities to choose from. 

Skudin Surf Inc., the official surf camp of the Quiksilver Pro, located on the beach off of Monroe Boulevard, offers children and adult surfing camps, private lessons, stand up paddle lessons, and group lessons. Teaching more than 1,000 people to surf just this summer alone, Skudin Surf Inc. is an alternative way to learn the beauty of the waves in a fun setting. 

"The ocean is a playground," said Cliff Skudin, co-founder of Skudin Surf Inc. "We want first timers to come out and give it a try. We keep the instructions comfortable so people from beginners to the experienced can gain ocean knowledge." 

Surf 2 Live, New York's premier surfing center, located off of Pacific Boulevard, has been teaching people how to surf for more than 30 years. Also featuring an adult and child summer camp, Surf 2 Live offers Elliot's Blast Class and surf lessons for people with special needs. 

Whether you choose private or group instructions, surf yoga or surf camps, the waves of Long Beach will surprise you. But Patch must warn you: surfers claim learning to surf can be habit-forming.       

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Cost: Varies

Notes: Long Beach will host world surfing tour, The Quiksilver Pro New York, from Sept. 1 to Sept 15.

Lobster August 03, 2011 at 10:37 AM
Teaching 1,000 gremmies to surf each year. Teach them in the summer when it's flat, hopefully in the fall, they will forget about the beach and leave the waves to those who actually know how to surf.
S Lent August 03, 2011 at 06:39 PM
Skudin Surf also does a great job of fostering water safety/respect for the ocean in these young surfers. It is just awesome to see the joy on the faces of the littlest kids as they stand for the first time, with the instructors cheering them on. With the older, more experienced kids, "surf etiquette" is emphasized...I hope my son (4th year with Skudin Surf) will be out on his short board in the fall waves with Lobster, having been well taught how to avoid getting in the way of fellow surfers...


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