#75 Take A Tandem Bike Ride Through Long Beach

Area bike shops offer an array of beach cruisers, hybrids, tandem, and surrey bikes to rent.

There's a lot to see in Long Beach.  From the Canals to the President Streets to the West Holmes area to East and West Bay Drive to the West End to Oceanview Drive, and of course, to the boardwalk.  However there's no better way to see Long Beach and all its eclectic neighborhoods than from the seat of a bike, #75 of Patch's 100 Things To Do In Long Beach series.

Don't have a bike?  Don't feel like trekking your schwin to the boardwalk?  Or, just want to add a little more zest to your cruise?  Long Beach has been specializing in bike rentals for over 50 years.  From tandems to beach cruisers to hybrids, Long Beach bike shops offer an assortment of bicycles to meet everyone's needs. 

Buddy's Bike Etc., located on 907 W. Beech Street, has been meeting the fun expectations of vacationers with eye catching bicycles.  Renting tandem bicycles, a mountain bike that seats two people, and surrey bicycles, a canopy covered bike that seats up to nine people with bench-like seating, has been Buddy's speciality for years.    

Long Beach Bicycles, located on 755 E. Park Avenue, rents cruisers and breezer bicycles, but it's hybrid bicycle rentals, a cross between a road and moutain bike that's ideal for riding on streets and bike paths, are what makes them stand out. 

Local Cycles, located on 307 W. Park Ave, the latest bike shop to hit Long Beach, rents beach cruisers, but is looking to expand its rental business due to the high demands.  

So if it's a tandem ride you'd like to try, a surrey bike with the family, or just a beach cruiser to stroll the area for the day, Long Beach has a variety of bike rental shops waiting to seat you. 

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Cost: Varies between shops, but an average range is $15 for 3 hours or $25 for the day.

Notes: Bike shops also rent helmets, bike pads, and children seats.

paul.d.spellman July 27, 2011 at 03:25 AM
I don't feel like trekking my "schwin" to the boardwalk. So let me go to Buddy's, rent a bike and then trek his "Schwinn" to the boardwalk and back......


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