Duke Falcons Now Open

To all our friends and neighbors I can only send the warmest wishes, hopes, and prayers that you weathered the storm with as little loss as possible. .. but for most of us, I know that such wishes are just that ...mere wishes. 

We, as a community, have been through one the most trying times many of us have ever endured. Yet through it all, our resilience has been proven and our spirit has not broken. Neighbors have joined together to help one another in ways both heroic and mundane. From the bravery of those who risked their lives to save others, to those who've exhibited simple kindnesses to strangers, we've demonstrated in ways too numerous to count just how special this small stretch of sand really is. 

Stay strong ... be well
emd563 November 17, 2012 at 10:56 PM
SO GLAD you're back!!! You mean a great deal to our community & I look forward to having a meal at Duke's one day very soon.


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