Fog Casts Creepy Glow Over Long Beach

Wednesday's fog was bad for driving but great for pictures. Here's how you can share yours.

Thick fog made for a creepy scene in RVC on Wednesday night. (Photo: Heather Doyle)
Thick fog made for a creepy scene in RVC on Wednesday night. (Photo: Heather Doyle)
Thick fog made for a creepy scene in Long Beach Wednesday night.

Did you snap a foggy picture in Long Beach? Did you catch Long Beach looking like a scene from a horror movie? Take a video of a popular area in a cloud of fog?

Pick your favorite pictures and videos from the foggy night and upload them to the Snapshots - Long Beach album here.

Don't know how? Sign into Patch (click "Join" if you don't have an account), head to the Snapshots - Long Beach blog, click in the box that says "Write a new post," upload a photo and write a little something about it. Click "Post Now" to share.

Sam January 16, 2014 at 07:20 PM
The Fema Fog creeps in hearing all the cries of the residents fighting for more money than their houses were worth pre storm. Before the fog they had a 350, 000 bungalow after a fema regulated 550, 000 home. gotta love that fog, lol. someone tell me the square footage before and after storm.lol lol.
Kathy January 16, 2014 at 08:48 PM
My beloved house was 1,000 sq. ft. Pre-Sandy. Our new house, which we had to knock down, willl have approx. 1,450 sq ft of living space, plus garage and ground level entryway/mudroom. The extra space comes from the dormered upstairs, the mainfloor actually lost some footage because we had to abide by zoning rules that were , I guess, nonextistent or ignored when original house was built. Yes, my new house is larger and going to be worth more money, but I have more than doubled the mortgage with an SBA loan necessary to rebuild. Flood Insurance gave us less than 1/3 of what we needed. I am hoping to get the 30 thousand ICC grant, and lower total owed to SBA. With new mortgage payment, going to need another job or forget about helping my kids pay for college, and def. postponing retirement. So, there's my square footage, before and after! How could you have a problem with that or make such a flippant comment about the difficult process many have been through trying to get back to 'normal'?


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