LIPA sucks but read this..

I totally agree that LIPA was and still is completely unprepared for what happened to our town...but....let's also face it - most of the seasonal homeowners have not even made it into town to check out their homes which leaves the rest of us in jeopardy of a Breezy Point incident if LIPA throws the switch. In other words, many of the homes that still have their electrical boxes underwater or compromised are in risk of fire if switch is turned on and since our homes are so tight in the West end - we will all go up like a torch. SO bottom line better safe than sorry. 
Greg November 09, 2012 at 06:16 PM
I for agree with you on the seasonal homeowners have not made it in to check on their homes yet. There should be a way that everyone should personally report in that they have shut down their electrical box if it was underwater or not. I know mine was underwater and turned the main and every breaker off until I can get an electrician in. No electricity and no heat... this sucks!!


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