Missing Man Returns to Long Beach Home

Family members did not know where he was for a week.

Ian Reid arrived at his Long Beach home on his own on Dec. 3.
Ian Reid arrived at his Long Beach home on his own on Dec. 3.
Story by Jeff Lipton.

A 39-year-old Long Beach man who was reported missing after being dropped off at a store in New York City Nov. 26 returned home last week, police officials said.

The missing man, who police identified as Ian Reid, arrived at his Long Beach home on his own on Dec. 3, officials said. A Silver Alert had been issued for Reid by the Nassau County Police Department’s Missing Persons Section of the Central Detectives Squad.

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The Silver Alert Program has been established to disseminate information to the local media, hospitals and other organization when a senior citizen or other individuals suffering from a cognitive disorder is reported missing, police officials said.

Reid is described as mentally disabled, has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and takes several medications, officials said.
Reid was reported missing after he was driven to the Apple Store, at 767 Fifth Ave. in Manhattan, on Nov. 26, authorities said. He exited his father’s car to go to the store and never called to be picked up as he had arranged to do, officials said.

“He has returned and so we cancelled the alarm,” said Det. Beth McKenzie of the Missing Persons Section.

Police officials said they could not immediately determine where Reid had been for the week Reid had been missing.

“I have no idea where he was,” said McKenzie. “Our job is to locate him. Our number one concern is for the person to come home safely and that no harm comes to him.

“He came home on his own,” said the detective, who added that it appeared he was not harmed.

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McKenzie said Reid’s case is far from unusual.

“We get this every day,” she said. “People go missing every day, and for a much longer period of time [than Reid did].”

Calls to Reid’s family were not returned.
Hamburger December 11, 2012 at 04:42 PM
Nice to know he is safe and back home
Taurus December 12, 2012 at 08:00 AM
Back home for at least a week. Good news !


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