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Modern Healers Use Ancient Techniques

Long Beach women use holistic approach to heal their clients of aches, pains and emotional distress.

One day Long Beach resident Michelle Stewart used the power of touch to heal her cousin's painful stomach cramps. Since then she has been a practitioner of the holistic practice of energy healing.

Stewart said that she had an awareness to put her hands on her cousin's body where she felt pain in her own body, and moments later her cousin's pain subsided. Stewart had similar experiences in the past and this prompted her to learn more about energy healing from experienced practitioners.

"When a person experiences trauma or stress, it affects the flow of energy in the body, often blocking it in some areas," Stewart said.

Energy healing is used to relieve these blockages, which also relieves the symptoms, such as physical pain.

"There are many kinds of energy healings that can be done, and they all involve tapping into the energy that exists in the universe and that can be directed with intention," Stewart said.
Stewart's friend and fellow healer, Joan Herman, said the practice is beneficial for all types of chronic conditions, including addiction, depression and anxiety, while also strengthening the immune system.

"The healer uses radiant healing to open the spiritual energetic flow," said Herman, who received her certification in healing from One Light Healing Touch. "As the client opens to the energy flow, they become deeply relaxed and allow their body to naturally release energy blockages."

Herman, already an experienced yogi, used to attend retreats at the Linwood Spiritual Center in Rhinebeck, NY, where she would take part in healing sessions. About five years ago she began taking classes to become a certified healer.

Kay, who asked that her real name not be used, said she has been suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder since she narrowly escaped the crumbling World Trade Center on 9/11. After years of treatments with traditional medicine, Kay attended a Reiki – a type of energy healing – session and felt the benefits immediately.

She began taking classes and has been able to heal herself. She has also been working with Herman to cure her PTSD.

"Although I have done so much other energy work to heal myself, in addition to traditional talk therapy," Kay added,  "there were still so many 'issues in my tissues'."

Herman's fellow yogi, Katrina, said that energy healing has helped her asthma, anxiety and with her romantic relationships. What happened with her husband was most notable. His vocal chord became paralyzed and doctors had no way of knowing if his voice would return.

"A few days after his first healing, his voice started to return," said Katrina, who asked that we not print her real name to protect her privacy. "Over a month or so, he was back to normal."
Stewart and Herman agree that energy healing can complement traditional western medicine, which they said is unparalleled in treating acute conditions.

"It does not interfere in any way with medical care," Stewart said, "but can be very helpful in easing the trauma of a surgical procedure, for example."


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