Photos: Random Scenes in the City

A gallery of snapshots taken throughout Long Beach.

Here at Long Beach Patch, we typically aim to devote our Viewfinder photo gallery to different themes, whether it's birds, house facades, coffee drinkers, monuments, dog walkers in the city, as well as the city at night or during a lightning storm. But sometimes our theme is not theme at all, and we had some seemingly disparate shots that we thought we’d share with you, including a seagull perched atop a cross, a boardwalk jogger running above restrooms, and a silo on West Park Avenue. Sure, there are several beach and boardwalk scenes among today’s collection, but then there are also some images of sections of buildings. If you can come up with a commonality among them all, other than that they were taken outside in Long Beach, let us know in the comments. Otherwise, enjoy the gallery and please feel free to add your own snapshots of scenes in the city.

Photos by Joseph Kellard

Get Beautified Eyelash Extension & Facial Spa December 20, 2011 at 01:52 PM
A great reminder of the wonderful city I live in. Thanks to the photographer. :)


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