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Rob DelPrete/DelPrete Contracting

My family and I just wanted to let all of our neighbors know the awesome experince we have had  with Rob DelPrete, Mike and all the wonderful men that work for/with DelPrete contracting.
about 3 years ago we had our roof redone (NOT BY ROB)   and 6 months later during a storm my roof started to blow off.  I was at work at the time and Rob somehow found out where I worked and called to let me know about my roof and said he would do what he could to help.  I knew then that this was the guy I wanted to do all of the. Wrk we needed done on our house.  He didn't really know me at the time and had no reason to help us except that that is the kind of guy he is.  

Over the next 2 years Rob and his men have done several projects for us and the work is always top notch.  

When "Sandy" hit we didn't even need to call Rob, he was at our house the next day assuring us that he would take care of everything. Rob is so true to his word!  Our first floor is almost finished and he truly took care of EVERYTHING for us.  

I can not say enough about the incredible work ethic of Rob and all the men that work with him.  They are the nicest, most honest group of men I have ever had the pleasure to do business with and I hope you all remember the name  "DelPrete Contracting"  when you need any work done.
colin January 09, 2013 at 03:46 PM
Most gratifying to hear a good contractor story! Thank you


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