I have been a resident of Long Beach for twenty years. When my family first arrived, i wanted a few things done to update my home. I noticed a young,vibrant,musular young man working on a home and went over to him. his name was Rob Delpret. He came came to y home and did the most extraordinary work i have ever seen. From that day on i consider him a friend and neighbor.  
A few days after Sandy hit, and my home was devastated i went to Robs home to speak to him regarding my disasterous situation like everyone else's in long beach. He took his time listening to me even though his has had also been destroyed along with his mothers house as well. Although rob could not do the work himself of the things i needed to do, he unselfishly took the time to set me up with the right people to get my house in order with heat and electricity. I have a life long friend with Rob Delpret. I would recommend him and his workers to anyone who needs expert new or old work. KUDOS to him and his establishment.


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