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Throwback Thursday: Long Beach Summer Day


Summertime is just around the corner and Long Beach will soon be flooded with beachgoers.

Here's a look at a crowded part of Long Beach from 1923 at the height of its golden age.

Around this time, Prohibition was in full swing and Long Beach was a hub for bootleggers. 1923 was the year of the famed raid of the Nassau Hotel that resulted in the arrest of three bootleggers.

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Bob West May 10, 2014 at 02:02 AM
@christie - we already have LIRR express trains coming here on the weekends. The LIRR was actually what first brought visitors to Long Beach. The tracks actually ended further east at a giant hotel, the beginning of LBs period as a fancy resort city. Out in eastern LI, your Hamptons history went much further back, with thriving fishing, shipping and agriculture businesses back to the 1600s. Your tourism started much later than that. Anyway, coming here on a bus with summer traffic would not be fun!
Eddie May 10, 2014 at 08:21 AM
The railroad actually extended to Point Lookout, but was cut back to the hotel in 1892. In 1910 its terminal was moved to the present location. The original station was near Edwards and Beech Street.
Bob West May 10, 2014 at 10:17 AM
Interesting, Eddie. I wonder if they did a lot of freight business, shipping from the Point Lookout seafood companies, fast run into Brooklyn/Queens terminals, then a ferry hop straight across to the Fulton Market. Probably just my romanticizing imagination of days gone by. They must have kept the right-of-way for a while. My father was discharged from the Navy at the Lido Hotel at the end of WWII. (If his memory serves him well... ) they were put on a train at a dock in Seattle and shipped across Canada (only stop Winnepeg, "30 below zero") then down to Lido. (And remembering Point Lookout, I sure miss the clams from Doxsee. Haven't made stuffed clams since they closed a couple of years ago.) FYI, I found an interesting page about Lido - http://www.lidodunes.org/sandbar_community.php
Eddie May 10, 2014 at 04:46 PM
The freight handled back prior to the 1894 shut down of the line was coal for the Hotel, baggage, and hotel garbage that was dumped off the trestle in Luce's Inlet near today's Roosevelt Boulevard.


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