Create an Easter Holiday Tree

Instruction and information for a do-it-yourself design that anyone can handle.

While I’m not a religious person, I sure do love Easter. Ever since I was a little girl it has been my favorite holiday. My mother always created a basket filled with goodies and treats that I had to find in some hidden place. It was so much fun.

Even though I live on my own now, we still carry on that tradition, and I focus on designing my home in subtle ways for the holiday. I came up with a really cute design that is so easy to do, you can get your kids involved. Not only is it affordable, but it brings you closer to nature as well.

Materials: 2 large branches, pencil, glue, scissors, decorative paper & container, string or thread, hole puncher, paper punches and cloth.

First, collect two large branches from your backyard or the nearest park. Choose those that have smaller branches attached. Wipe with a damp cloth. Pick a decorative container like a vase, pitcher or a vintage jar that is big enough to hold the branches. Insert the branches and stand them up.

Take a nature walk with your children to the Clark Street Playground, or ask some neighbors if you can search their yards for any branches if you don't have any. Visit Pier 1 Imports on East Park Avenue or the Treasure Chest on West Beech Street to see if you can find an Easter-themed vessel or container.

Now, gather up your paper and materials. Choose decorative paper that carries the Easter theme. So you want pastels and cute patterns. It's best to use a card stock because it is heavier than normal paper. You can even use old greeting cards if you have them.

Stop by Gordon's Cards & Gifts on East Park Avenue and Walgreens on Long Beach Boulevard for stationary and decorative paper.

Draw some cute Easter-themed images on the paper and cut them out. They should be no larger than 5 inches. If you want to use stencils for this part, go right ahead. It would make it much easier. You should make about four or five of these cutouts. 

Then use a hole puncher to create a small hole in the corner of each shape. Tie string or thread through the hole and make two knots so that it can't slide back through the hole. Hang the shapes on a couple of branches and try to distribute them evenly.

For smaller shapes, use paper punches to create other images to add to the tree. Glue them to the branches for pops of color. Hold them down for a couple of seconds to make sure they stay. Feel free to add a ribbon or another decorative feature around the container.

You can find many supplies for this project at CVS on Wes Park Avenue and Rite Aid at Long Beach Plaza.

Now you have a natural and festive presentation for your home. You can keep it in the middle of the dining room table, in a corner or in your entryway. Wherever you put it, this holiday tree will be sure to bring smiles on people's faces.



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