Craigslist Finds in Long Beach - Sept. 2

Locals are selling everything from couches to magnifiers..

Magnificent Manifiers

If you're in the market for magnifiers, look into the lot that one seller has priced at $12. It includes magnifiers with lights, an acrylic linen tester with measuring guide and three Loupes, as well as hand held magnifiers and one that will stand against your chest. They are listed as new with slightly damaged packing on some.

Get in Shape and to Your Destination

Once the debris has been picked up from Hurricane Irene, you'll probably want to get back to biking again. For $50, you can own a Schwinn Fair Lady bicycle. It is listed as being in need of a little "TLC" in order to ride perfectly.  

New Piece of Furniture

Add some comfortable seating to your living room or den with a brand new couch. This item is still covered for three years under "Bob's Goof Proof Protection" plan, and it is listed as in mint condition without a single mark. It is priced at $275.  

Make an Offer on a TV

If you've been meaning to put an additional television in your home, now is the time to do it, since the seller of a 36 inch Toshiba television complete with a glass door stand is looking to take the best offer. This item is listed as working great.


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