What Store(s) Should Fill Vacancy at Former L.B. Surgical Supply Store?

What should open at vacant unit at 259 W. Park Ave., the former Long Beach Surgical Supply. (Credit: Joe Kellard)
What should open at vacant unit at 259 W. Park Ave., the former Long Beach Surgical Supply. (Credit: Joe Kellard)

A longtime tenant at 259 W. Park Ave., Long Beach Surgical Supply has vacated that unit with plans to relocate to a storefront a few doors down.

The business is expected to reopen sometime next year at 273 W. Park, the former Chin & Lai Laundry, according to sign posted on the unit’s front door. The owners of Long Beach Surgical Supply, who temporarily located to 17 Alabama Ave., and the property owner of 259 W. Park, declined to comment about these developments.

Let us know in the comments below what type of business or business you think would thrive at the spacious vacancy left by the surgical supply business, which could be divided into two separate units.

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moe December 13, 2013 at 01:13 AM
I'll be the first to say it, "anything but a bar." Also, hopefully not another nail salon. Several dreams 1) I'd love to have an electronics/music store like Tilben used to be - someplace you could get educated advice about what kind of speakers you need, maybe even buy a TV. 2) sounds very trendy, but I really miss having a home made chocolate/candy store since the flood washed out those poor folks in town 3) too bad it's so close to the 2 diners - we've lost a couple of affordable local eateries (bring back the Pancake House?) 4) a bookstore/coffee house, as in "beatnick" coffee house. That food/coffee store that was only open a year on West Beech was delightful, now just a Bar annex 5) a florist, garden store, yard store, Christmas store combination. 6) some creative new concept of a mini-theater and gallery, like stuff shown at the library but "cooler," a place maybe even kids would want to go to 7) really, anything to *do* other than eat or drink 8) anything run by locals, no more chain stores. With all the "recovery" money supposedly out there, you'd think there might be help for someone to start a local business. Probably I'll think of another 10 things tomorrow I'd like to have there. BTW, that laundry was such a classic, too bad we'll lose that neon sign. Well, not as tragic as the loss of the Palm tree in McAvoy Plumbing was.


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