City: Remove Vehicles from Snow Emergency Routes

A snow plow on East Broadway. (Credit: Joseph Kellard)
A snow plow on East Broadway. (Credit: Joseph Kellard)
The City of Long Beach has issued the following snow emergency information:

Even as the City recovers from Hurricane Sandy, Street Main- tenance crews are fully prepared for winter storms with snow removal vehicles and salt & sand spreaders ready to go when snow starts to fall. The City’s Department of Public Works has a thorough snow emergency response plan in place.

In the event that a heavy snowfall is predicted for our area, a Snow Emergency may be declared, which means your vehicle must be removed from designated Snow Emergency Routes. By reading the information provided here, residents can contribute to successful snow removal operations. 

For safety reasons, City of Long Beach crews will clear the Snow Emergency Routes first so that fire trucks, ambulances, buses and other essential vehicles can pass safely. Plowing will begin when 3” of snow has accumulated.

The following are the designated Snow Emergency Routes:
  • West Beech Street from Nevada Avenue to Grand Boulevard
  • West Park Avenue from Nevada Avenue to New York Avenue West Side of Maryland Avenue from Park Avenue to Beech Street
  • West Side of J.J. Evans Boulevard from Park Avenue to Pine Street Shore Road from Long Beach Boulevard to Maple Boulevard
  • East Pine Street from Neptune Boulevard to Curley Street
  • Parking on the Pine Street Canal Bridges is strictly prohibited. Alternate Side of the Street Parking is In Effect in order to clear snow more efficiently.
Alternate side of the street parking will remain in effect to ensure that snow is removed efficiently.

Any vehicle parked on the above streets during a declared Snow Emergency will be towed at the owner’s expense. After snow is cleared, streets will be reopened for parking.

Snow Removal Effort

Many residents begin shoveling out vehicles along our streets, only to be plowed in again. When you shovel, please refrain from shoveling snow into the street and avoid placing snow where it will be plowed into your neighbor’s driveway.

Please be patient and wait for the City crews to finish clearing the roads. Our crews work through the night when necessary.

Below are some snow removal safety tips for residents:
  • Please shovel the sidewalks in front of your home. If you live on a corner, please try to shovel an opening from the sidewalk to the street so strollers and wheelchairs can get onto the sidewalk easily.
  • Don’t shovel or blow your snow onto the street.
  • Clear a space for your trash cans so our sanitation workers can access them.
  • If you have a storm drain near your home, keep it clear of snow, ice and debris so that melting snow will be able to drain.
  • Clear away snow and ice from fire hydrants so the fire department can access them in the event of an emergency.
  • Whenever possible, please stay off the roads during a Snow Emergency to permit ease of plowing operations and lessen dangerous conditions for all. 
For recorded Snow Emergency information, call the Storm Emergency Hotline at 431-1000 and press option 1 or visit the City’s website at longbeachny.org

To report a street-related problem during a storm, please call 431-7174 or email us at info@longbeachny.org


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