School District Hosts Realtors Breakfast

Superintendent outlines programs offered.

Long Beach Public Schools recently hosted its annual Realtors Breakfast, meeting with area realtors to discuss the four major thrusts of district policy for the year: maintaining high levels of engagement for students and parents; ensuring that students are college and career-ready; providing opportunities for all students; and providing state- of-the-art facilities.

Superintendent David Weiss described the programs that the district offers, such as the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, and other college-level courses at the high school, as well as curriculum changes at the middle school and elementary level.

“One of our goals is to have our students take the most rigorous courses they can handle,” Weiss said. “We encourage everyone to take at least one college-level course before they graduate. As a result, we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of students taking advanced courses and a rise in our graduation rates. Our philosophy is to offer opportunities to raise the bar for all while supplying support programs to foster success.”

Weiss went on to outline other programs the district is proud of, including a diverse inclusive athletic program that offers 1,000 spots on high school team rosters and 680 spots at the middle school level. At the elementary level, students receive swimming, skating and health education instruction. In the arts, the district was named a 2011 Best Community for Music Education by the NAMM Foundation, and has produced four All-State and 53 All-County musicians in the 2011-12 school year alone.

The high school literary magazine, Fragments, has won more than 100 state and national awards over the last three years. Students in the science research program have also produced dozens of prize-winning projects at the regional, state, national and international levels. Students in the middle school Activities Promoting Thinking (APT) and elementary Learning Activities to Raise Creativity (LARC) programs have achieved state and national recognition in the Odyssey of the Mind and WordMaster competitions.

Weiss invited Michael DeVito, the district's chief operating officer, to outline the district’s progress on the $98.8 million School Preservation Plan, including the installation of a new turf field at the middle school and a state-of-the-art filtration system at the high school pool. Work is underway on additions at the Lido Complex and the high school.

Also present at the meeting was Island Park School Superintendent Dr. Rosemarie Bovino. She noted that the Long Beach and Island Park districts have enjoyed a longstanding cooperative agreement of cost-saving shared services. Through another cooperative agreement launched in 2009, Island Park residents may elect to send their children to Long Beach High School. A total of 96 Island Park students currently attend Long Beach High School, with another 34 Island Park freshmen scheduled to join their ranks in the 2012-2013 school year.

After addressing realtors’ questions and concerns, Weiss reminded them that his door is always open to them, as well as to potential homebuyers who have questions about Long Beach Public Schools.

Nancy Mc. March 07, 2012 at 09:37 PM
Apparently city manager Jack Schnirman has hired his old political friend from Brookhaven to be the new LB Commissioner of Public Works. James Laccarruba isn't even a certified engineer, not a public engineer, and doesn't even have a degree in engineering. Rumor is that he doesn't even have a college degree, just a HS diploma. ON face value, no big deal- except that over and over the dems (when they campaigned) kept saying that when hiring "we should never settle for mediocrity". Then why do we let go of a certified public engineer, a guy who knows LB, a guy who has fixed more in the the last 4 years than his predecessor did in 20, a guy with the education and certified and credentials to get the job done for the residents? Oh, and by the way, Laccarruba was Kevin Foley's (Schnirmans' boss) campaign manager and chief of staff. So much for promising not to hire political hack! This new crew makes every other corrupt administration in LB history look like boy scouts. Sofield, Cammaratto, Braddish---these guys beat them all!
orlando p March 07, 2012 at 10:14 PM
everybody should look at each new person hired in long beach and see where they came from and there party connection.this was such a joke they pulled on us in long beach.were getting all the democratic throwaways from out of town.its funny they just recieved millions from taxes in jan they dont talk about and 2 million or more from fema.so much for the fiscal crisis.these out of towners take us for fools.go back to brookhaven.taking credit for cutting overtime.how many snow storms have we had this winter.we the people arent fools jack.
Leonard Bauman March 12, 2012 at 02:23 AM
Orlando P., I am glad you can see the truth because if everyone in Long Beach saw the truth, Long Beach will be set free of the Democratic plague or pox that is currently occupying City Hall to everyone's detriment except for hacks of the Democrats. Rejoice, Orlando P. and fellow Long Beachers because redemption is at hand around November 2, Election Day 2012 time to kick the Democrats' bucket of patronage, fraudulent Police Commissioner committees, CSEA demotions, and other perversions to the curb!! Wake up Long Beach on Election Day 2012, turn off Judge Judy and get your tail into the voting booth and do what is best for Long Beach and cast the Democratic plague to the curb once and for all time. Let's never repeat Democratic rule in Long Beach ever, ever, ever, ever again.
Jimmy Hennessy March 12, 2012 at 07:53 PM
BENOWITZ HIRED IN CITY HALL DESPITE "FISCAL CRISIS" MORE FRIENDS & FAMILY HIRED MONDAY 3/12/2012 City Manager, Jack Schnirman hired LARRY BENOWITZ to day to work in Youth & family Services today. This is another unbudgeted new position. It is yet another violation of the "new" Democrats promise not to hire friends and family and it flies in the face of the so-call "fiscal emergency" scenario. If the city is in a "fiscal crisis" how can the city afford to hire another person to a new unbudgeted position within the administration. We are waiting to find out his new salary, but the city has already spent over $130,000 in new unbugeted expenses in the first 3 months of the administration and since they declared the "Fiscal Crisis". Benowitz has been the campaign manager for the democrats, a Democrat Committeeman, and fundraiser, and political operative for many years. he also ran for City Council just a few years ago, but was soundly defeated by the Republican Candidates. Here is Benowitz at a recent LB Democrat Fundraiser: http://lbdems.com/fundraiser/DSC_0001.jpg According to NYS Benowitz donated over $2,500 to theLB Democrats, now he has been hired to work despite the "fiscal crisis": http://www.elections.ny.gov:8080/plsql_browser/CONTRIBUTORB_NAME?LAST_NAME_IN=benowitz&NAME_IN=&position_IN=START&date_from=01%2F01%2F2004&date_to=01%2F01%2F2012&AMOUNT_from=0&AMOUNT_to=2500&ORDERBY_IN=N
Leonard Bauman March 15, 2012 at 02:23 AM
Let's get this right, Larry Benowitz donates $2500 to Long Beach Democratic Machine and is rewarded with a cush $115,000/year salary as a Youth & Family Services Director. Seems like pay to play scheme--> pay $2500 get $115,000 per year salary and taxpayer paid full medical and pension ($0 contributions). Very nice deal for Benowitz, lousy deal for taxpayers. Please make a 1974 FOIL Act request of Benowitz and these recent appointees resumes, applications, etc. so taxpayers can see their so-called laughable qualifications. Inquiring minds in Long Beach, and their are thousands of them, want to know! Now!
LB TAXPAYA March 25, 2012 at 05:03 PM
whose money paid for this breakfast?


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