NY Rising: Funds for Sandy Homeowners Coming Soon

A home on the rise on Pennsylvania Street in Long Beach in October 2013. (Credit: Joe Kellard)
A home on the rise on Pennsylvania Street in Long Beach in October 2013. (Credit: Joe Kellard)

Jon Kaiman, the head of NY Rising, said Hurricane Sandy victims still waiting for federal aid funds should receive checks in “coming weeks” so that they can start to rebuild their homes.

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Most of the $98 million in aid that has already been distributed has gone to reimburse people who have already rebuilt their homes, and NY Rising is waiting for the Department of Housing and Urban Development to approve more funds before the state program can distribute them to homeowners, Kaiman told News 12. Said Kaiman:

"In terms of the order that HUD is allowing us to release the funds, there are different types of verifications that may need to take place from HUD's standpoint." 

In Long Beach, while many resident have rebuilt and returned to their homes after the storm that struck 14 months ago, many others remain displaced and still await funds from various government programs, including New York Rising.

Annemarie Connell, a Long Beach resident who is still waiting to move back into her rebuilt home on West Beech Street, wrote on the City of Long Beach’s Facebook page Thursday in response to the News 12 report:

“I received a phone call right before Christmas saying a check was being sent and to this day nada. I already put out $320,000 to have my house raised and still need this money to complete... My case worker knows nothing about the checks either. This phone call got my hopes up and now I give up.”

Another resident, Sherry Egan, wrote: “I received a check last Thursday. My case worker called and left a message stating that we needed to ‘go over’ the award letter. Turns out they ‘miscalculated’ and gave us too much. Now we have to go return the check and have a new (much less) one issued. Talk about a blow to the mind!!!!”

In protest of the red tape and other unresolved bureaucratic matters involved in receiving the funds, organizations such as Sandy Victims Fighting FEMA formed and staged rallies last year demanding that these programs make payments to eligible homeowners.  

Kaiman will hold a public meeting about the funds at the South Nassau Unitarian Congregation, 228 S. Ocean Ave. in Freeport, at 7 p.m. Jan. 20.
Ronald February 08, 2014 at 01:12 PM
Again the Sandy Man looks down and judges the lazy peasants who are malingering about below him. This is not New Orleans or Katrina. It is unrelated what a Lousiana senator says. It is a state filled with backwards politics. The middle class homeowners have jobs .many have long commutes and work long hours. Most of them ate not in the home construction business and are unlicensed
Ronald February 08, 2014 at 01:16 PM
Typo...are not ate in my post above. Elevation and tear down projects are way beyond most homeowners. NY Rising requires licensed contractors.
Ronald February 08, 2014 at 01:22 PM
Maybe you should change your screen name to Boogeyman .
Sandy Man February 08, 2014 at 06:21 PM
For the AA portion work does not need to be done by licensed contractor or do you even need receipts. As long as ny rising can verify work was done you get paid I did electrical and mold abatement myself as there is a thing called the Internet and Home Depot and in inspection it was verified and I got paid The ECR portion requires licensed folk for work to be done In this case folks who moved ahead got rewarded
Ronald February 08, 2014 at 08:06 PM
You're beating a dead horse now. Most areas require licensed contractors for plumbing,heating and other areas. Yes ,those who have a ton of time on their hands may be able to learn new trades and pass their municipalities test which allows them to do their own work.Otherwise work was done without a permit and no CO. Lots of people did their own mold abatement. Those with insurance who did will not save anything . the amount received for abatement in their flood claim will be subtracted from the NY rising award.


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