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Updates from Long Beach Public Schools

The following information is from the Long Beach Public Schools website:

Staff Assignments and Bus Pickups for Friday
Message: Staff-Assignments for Friday November 9, 2012

Schools will be open for students on Tuesday, November 13. All students will be invited to report to one of these buildings, East, Lindell or the High School. To facilitate preparedness for student return, the following staff is EXPECTED to report on Friday, November 9th. Transportation will be provided.

We have been requested by local officials NOT TO DRIVE THROUGH LONG BEACH to allow emergency vehicles clear access to the roads. There will be no parking at Lindell. Please meet our shuttle buses at one of the following locations:

Long Beach buses will pick staff up at: 

Freeport Railroad Station 

8 AM pickup with a return at 12:30 and 3:30 PM

Oceanside Railroad Station 

8 AM pickup with a return at 12:30 and at 3:30 PM

Long Beach Middle School parking lot

8:30 AM pickup with a return at 12:15 and at 3:00 PM

Through Long Beach 
Starting Nickerson Beach (north side) at 8:30 running down Park on north side to Lindell
Starting Atlantic Beach Town Hall (south side) at 8:30, down park on south side to Lindell

For clerical staff assigned to 71 Clinton Road, Garden city, There will be one bus making pick -ups as follows:

8:15 am Lindell School

8:30 am Waldbaum's Shopping Center at the bus top in front

8:45 middle school parking lot

Pick-up at 3:30 pm at 71 Clinton Road with the Same drop off locations.

For those employees that did not pick up a PAYCHECK on Tuesday, paychecks will be available in Lindell from 9-10a.m. for pick-up.

All administrative, teaching, PPS (social workers, psychologists, nurses, guidance counselors, occupational and physical therapists) staff report to Lindell School for a meeting at 9 a.m.

Social workers and psychologists should meet with their respective buildings at 9 am at Lindell and join Dr. Butera for a meeting at 11 am in Room 111

All business office clerical staff and human resource clerical staff is to report to Nassau BOCES 71 Clinton Road, Garden City, room 1-D on Friday at 9 a.m.

FT clerical and FT-TA staff, that work in clerical capacities, assigned to a specific school buildings, are to report to Lindell School, room 103 at 9 am. Please be prepared to accept any clerical assignment, dress for comfort. You will be assigned various tasks to get the schools ready for students and staff.

FT clerical Staff who are assigned to a curricular area or program are requested to contact their direct supervisor to find out the specific assignment.

All transportation staff work with Rob Sambo for specific assignments.

Administrators will meet at 12:30 in Rm 111

All custodial and maintenance staff assigned to Lindell, East and the High School will report to that building. All other staff contact Steve Lahey for a specific assignment.

November 8th, 4:00 pm: Message from the Superintendent

Despite the weather we are making substantial progress towards opening three buildings on Tuesday morning. Most of the work currently underway is inside. since we already do not have power, the power outages impacted others because of the nor'easter had no impact on the cleanup effort. No additional damage was sustained to any of the buildings. 

The portable generators and boilers noted in yesterday's update are in the pipeline, and arrival is anticipated shortly. It is also possible that LIPA will be restoring electric service to the high school prior to Tuesday.

We have restored our fibers connections to East School, Lindell School, and Transportation. That should provide us with telephone, internet and network service at Lindell. 

Web Buddies
Our biggest issues at the moment are logistical. Communication inside Long Beach is difficult. We are not able to establish our land lines or man them yet. Our best vehicle is this web site. However, many people inside Long Beach do not have access to the web. Therefore, I am asking you to either get or be a WEB BUDDY. If you are in Long Beach, find someone who can check the web in the evening and send you a text of pertinent information. If you are outside of Long Beach, please become a web buddy for someone still here. 

For next week we will transporting to Long Beach from Nassau County at select locations. As we better identify where students are, we will be establishing more convenient routes. We are using the information parents supplied us to organize our routing. Expect a posting Monday with details. We will try to have it earlier if we are able. Please note that none of our buses sustained damage. We will be utilizing our entire fleet, with most of the buses picking up outside of Long Beach

We will be setting up shuttles from the entrances to Long Beach. We have been asked by officials to limit traffic into the area and we are not equipped to handle pickups and drop offs at schools. We will provide adults on our buses. These details will be finalized and posted on the web along with the routes.

We will be running buses inside Long Beach. We will also be transporting to and from private and parochial schools. Times and stops are likely to be different than prior to Hurricane Sandy, please check back Monday evening for the information. We will try to have it earlier if we are able.

Donations and Contributions
We will be establishing a number of funds for donations and contributions. We DO NOT NEED more clothing of student school supplies at this time. We will be establishing an email address to contact us regarding donations and for queries about how to help our school and our students.

November 8 10 PM Generator delivered to high school

!We will be able to power the high school on Tuesday, whether or not LIPA provides us with electric power.

November 8th, 4:00 pm LB Students to Compete in Playoffs

Any Girls Varsity Swimmers who qualified for counties can take a bus from the high school at 4 pm on Friday.

Boys Volleyball will play at 4:45 pm on Friday, November 9th at Herricks HS

Varsity Football plays at Carey H.S., Sat., Nov. 10, 12 p.m.

Girls Volleyball will be Saturday, Nov.10, 11 am at South Side High School.


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