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A hodgepodge for information on hounds and their humans.

We hope you all had a whole lot of loving from your dogs on Valentine's Day. Mr. Darcy gave me a beautiful card and some slobbery kisses, but best of all he refrained from running after cats on our walks. I think he sometimes forgets that my arm is attached to his leash.

Speaking of walks, doesn't it seem like no two walks are ever the same? Whether it's meeting new friends, taking a different route, or discovering something new in the neighborhood, every walk has some unique quality.

Yesterday, we walked through the Canals. On the way back, looking down at the canal from the corner of Chester Street and Doyle Street, I saw two swans napping on a dock. They were huge and at first I thought they were statues. Darcy barked as a family of ducks swam up to the dock, and one of the swans woke, stretched and yawned before returning to its sleepy tuck position. Beautiful!

The dogs are missing the snow this winter. All of nature seems confused. The cardinal family is back early. Our backyard trees were blooming with some kind of berry and there were hundreds of birds covering the otherwise bare branches. Looked like a Hitchcock movie. Playing in the backyard, Darcy and I watched a squirrel building a nest in a hole in the tree. I didn't know they did that, and can't remember ever seeing a baby squirrel. We'll keep you posted...

If you haven't already done so, pick up or renew a dog license from the city clerk's office. Did you know that you could be ticketed, not only in Long Beach, but in any city or state park if your dog isn't registered? Who knew? The clerk's office said that only about 400 or 500 licenses had been issued this year so far. We all know that there are many more dogs in this town. It might help in any lobbying effort for dog-friendly spaces if larger numbers are documented. There's power in numbers, especially voting power.

You can get information about licensing at www.longbeachny.org/cityclerk.

Have to go now--we're late for Yappy Hour at Meg & Emma's...


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Elizabeth Treston February 20, 2012 at 12:00 AM
Most Dog people are responsible pet owners (although I’m determined to find the idiot that can’t be bothered to pick up on Oceanview). Some dog owners maybe unaware of the licensing rules, in 2011 New York State got out of the licensing biz and have left it up to the local city, village municipality yadda yadda. Perhaps the City, no scratch that, the City SHOULD make a notice to the public that every dog owner is required to license his or her dog. Let’s have a “License Your Dog Day” at the Kennedy Plaza. We could bring in some Pet Suppliers for a mini expo. Money generated to be used for those that can’t afford a licensing fee. Local veterinarians, pet centers, Rescue Ink. I see a money event for our City and Canines! To license your dog, ensure you have the rabies info. You can download the form online at the City website.
Judy Massey February 22, 2012 at 02:59 AM
Great idea, Elizabeth. Would be a really fun day, especially if we could bring our dogs, but if the Plaza is considered a "City Park", they wouldn't be allowed. We'd need special dispensation from the City Manager. The City Clerk told me that there was an area at the Fall Festival with info about dog licensing. I must have missed it...I did get a notice in the mail, but that was only because I'd licensed my dog the year before. Has anyone seen a notice in any City communications?
Elizabeth Treston February 22, 2012 at 06:30 PM
Haven't noticed any City Communications but an email to the PR dept. at City hall could have something on their website which hits facebook in a nanosecond. I'm going out on a limb but perhaps the Council could make Kennedy Plaza dog zoned for this particular event should it come to fruition. I'd be happy to be on a Committee.
Lucy Centeno February 28, 2012 at 06:56 PM
I think that idea is great! I also think a pet food supplier would do well in Long Beach, maybe even in the waldbaums mall. And possibly a groomer, centralize the location and we mightr just hit the jackpot. Who knows? Just sayin.
Judy Massey March 22, 2012 at 12:29 AM
Sorry for not getting back sooner to your great ideas. Feel free to write to City Hall--might not yield the results we want but it couldn't hurt. With all that's going on politically, I doubt that working with dog people is a top priority right now. And summer's coming sooner than expected, isn't it? Maybe next off-season we can have a little piece of beach...


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