Meet the LB "Clean Slate" Candidates!

Mike Franceschini for City Council
Mike Franceschini for City Council
Click on the videos above to meet the Long Beach Clean Slate: Mike Franceschini, Janna Jachniewicz, Damian Walsh & Ted Hommel.

On Election Day Vote for a "Clean Slate" in Long Beach. Vote for experienced, honest people, not clubhouse politicians who make promises only to break them. Let's get Long Beach back on the right track together!


Isn't it time Long Beach residents had government officials  they could trust, who are independent, and who have the fiscal and real life experience to get Long Beach back on track?

We are the "Long Beach Clean Slate," Mike Franceschini, Janna Jachniewicz, and Damian Walsh for City Council and Ted Hommel for City Court Judge.

We are independent minded, trustworthy, and experienced people, not politicians, who want to bring a "clean slate" to Long Beach city hall, government and politics. We feel we have better skill sets than those presently in office to meet the challenges of the respective offices for which we are candidates.

We promise to put the taxpayers and residents of Long Beach first, not any political party! We have no connection to past or present administrations. We want to bring a fresh, new, and independent approach to city hall and how your hard earned taxes are being spent!

City Council Candidate Mike Franceschini is a lifelong resident of Long beach and retired federal agent for the U.S. Department of the Treasury. He is running for city council. He has over 25 years of experience dealing with complex financial matters and investigations and he is someone we can trust. He is a registered "Blank"; he has no political affiliation. He has never been involved in any political campaign before now.

City Council Candidate Janna Jachniewicz is a corporate manager and an attorney. She is running for city council. She has experience in complex financial and legal matters, specifically budgets and contracts and she is someone we can trust. She is a registered "Blank" and has never been involved in any political campaign before now.

City Council Candidate Damian Walsh is a civic leader, a local entrepreneur, and a school teacher. He is running for city council. He has experience in business and civic affairs. His home was destroyed in Super Storm Sandy and he is trying to rebuild a home for his wife and newborn daughter. Damian is a registered "Independence" Party Member but has never been involved in any political campaign before now.

City Court Judge Candidate Ted Hommel is a lifelong- resident of Long Beach, a former assistant corporation counsel in the City of Long Beach. He is running for City Court Judge.

If elected we promise to:

  • Freeze your property taxes for two consecutive years
  • Once and for all, we will end the policy of hiring "friends and family" to city hall jobs. We won't simply end the present administration's policy of hiring friends and family to city jobs, we promise not to hire any family OR friends to city hall jobs. We will hire only the most qualified and professional people to serve our city. We will end political clubhouse politics and involvement in city hall, period.
  • Cut wasteful spending and borrowing
  • End the mismanagement of city hall and city government
  • Bring real transparency to city hall; For example, we reverse the present administration's policy of not allowing the public to ask questions of their elected officials at "Good and Welfare" city council meetings.

In addition, we promise to:

  • Not seek or accept the police union (PBA) endorsement from on the the City's police or any city labor union. The Long Beach Police contract with its 26% raise, and its huge termination payouts are breaking the back of taxpayers. The "scared cows" are no longer sacred; it's time to put the taxpayers, not special interests, first.
  • Hold public city council confirmation hearings for every single department head and city officer hired or retained by  the new administration so as to vet out their qualifications .
  • Require the City Manager to give public, monthly year to date expense and revenue reports so residents can see exactly what the state of city finances are, no spin- just numbers! After all, it's your money!
  • Update and make public the City's Road Improvement Plan so residents can see, in a public document, when their street is slated to be reconstructed. This takes politics out of the equation. Road reconstruction should not be based on "who lives on the block" but which block needs it the most!
  • Hire a professional city planner to guide the city's recovery and to plan for the city's future, smart and sustainable growth based on the Comprehensive Master Plan that was implemented in 2005 but completely ignored by the current administration.
  • Hire a grant writer for city residents and businesses. This employee's sole purpose is to bring revenue into the city for residents and businesses so the burden on local taxpayers can be lessened. This grant writer will not be paid from taxpayer funds but solely from the grant/grants brought successfully into the city by him/her.
  • Establish a City Charter Revision Committee to update and revise the outdated city charter and to reassess our current form of government, our laws, and our city code, finally bringing into the 21st century.
  • Enact a new and tougher ethics law, one that holds all public city officials to the highest ethical standards and holds them accountable and responsible for their actions. The current ethics law has no teeth, has no process, and is not enforced like it should. We deserve better!

Long Beach deserves nothing less than elected officials they can trust!

It's time for a "Clean Slate" in Long Beach City Hall!

On Election Day, vote for the independent, experienced, trusty worth Clean Slate of Mike Franceschini, Janna Jachniewicz, and Damian Walsh for City Council and Ted Hommel for City Court Judge.

Join us at: www.votecleanslate.com

Vote Franceschini, Jachniewicz, & Walsh  

for City Council

Ted Hommel for City Court Judge

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Rich Croten October 15, 2013 at 10:50 PM
Very impressed! What I like most about this group is that they are NOT politicians. They are all professionals with great credentials. My family and I will support this group. Even though I am a lifelong registered Democrat I can't afford to vote for the Democrats and get ANOTHER 16% TAX INCREASE. I'm voting for Long Beach and voting for the Clean Slate.
BlueSueLB October 16, 2013 at 08:29 AM
They sound fantastic and I think they will win - BUT - I hope that they know what they are in for! LB residents have had enough! We deserve more from our city government and I feel we'll be more vocal in the coming years. The only problem I have with either party or that metter with LB is why wouldn't we hire locals for jobs? They live here, pay taxes - have skin in the game - but NO - people feel we should give outsiders a paycheck? Makes no sense - true - check their resumes But then support Long Beach residents! A NYC emplyee must live in the city - so why does LB hire people from out of town? Good Luck anyway -
Patrick Smith October 18, 2013 at 08:11 AM
Property taxes assesments come out just before elections nov 1 ,This guy sounds well qualified with his fraud investigation .He should have no problems finding fraud in long beach They got my vote
Penquin October 27, 2013 at 11:08 PM
So excited about the clean slate candidates. Well educated, and dedicated to their professions and the best interest of our city and its residents.


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