what the hell is going on here

OK so its been almost two months now and our homes have been hurt severely , our community is suffering and trying to get back on its feet, many stores and restaurants are back and doing well ok but what is going on with our flood insurance, I have been paying for almost 40 years and never put in a claim until now and I am amazed on how the companies just do not give a crap about us, you call and hear that stupid automated line of BS press 1 for new policy, press 2 for questions about our lunch hours press 3 for we really don't give a damn about you or stay on the line till tomorrow for one of our rude customer service people to hang up on you, yes I know they are very busy but holly crap, thats their job , that is why we pay so much and what do we get, you have to wait for the adjuster, well my story, my great adjuster was at my house 4 days after the storm, great I thought I should be getting my coverage money soon, he was great, that is until I never heard from him until, I called and spoke to him and it was the same old story, I am very busy and you have to wait one more week, well its now three weeks later and I am hearing the same story.I called the carrier and a top of the line company at that ,was told they have to wait for his final report, ok so when will that happen, the answer is we are not sure, it seem we are at their beck and call. but the people that did not have flood insurance got a nice check for $31000 from FEMA , that is as long as you knew someone. so why pay for insurance when you can get FREE insurance from fema and I am mad as hell and not going to take it anymore ....yea right I am just like most of you, taking it and taking it where the sun does not shine.
Happy and Healthy New Year to all

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Just wondering January 02, 2013 at 08:16 AM
i was there last week and the SBA's primary concern is your ability to pay if that is questionable you will be denied, end of story. There are absolutely no resources for small mom and pops. They all say the same thing "we are here to help you rebuild" HA
paul.d.spellman January 02, 2013 at 08:32 AM
JW, you do realize that the SBA loan program is a "loan program". I for one am glad that the gov't (or at least one section) is not just blindly handing money out to anyone who applies but is doing diligence to make sure any "direct loan" does in fact have a possibility of being paid back.
Just wondering January 03, 2013 at 09:39 AM
Paul, I realize that it is a loan, but without capital....mom and pop businesses will be gone....do you know what that will do to the revenue of this city since most of the businesses in LB are owned and operated by the residents.....Monies is given out daily to corporate America i.e banks, AIG (they caused their financial woes, I didn't cause mine)with the hopes they will be able to pay it back and they did, but it was a chance and the gov't should take chances with the little guys but we seem to get swept under the rug will no resources at all.
Just wondering January 03, 2013 at 09:40 AM
At Elliot, Did it at last weeks meeting....I am so scared LB is going to look like a ghost of its former self...very sad
water guy January 04, 2013 at 09:18 AM
All, as sad as it seems we will get thru this, I hope.it is taking a toll on all of us and now that we have a very good idea of how to proceed, we are more depressed and pissed off,. Mad as hell and taking it where the sun does not shine...... get mad then let it out, go to the beach and scream, as loud as you can how pissed off you are, how mad you are at our leaders, then relax and start your calls to these leaders, it might not help but it cant hurt.. I am no expert but I do have like most of you have a heart that is broken and only want answers.


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