Does anyone have clothes at the Laurel Dry Cleaners that they are refusing to release ?

Bad enough the clothes that were damaged in residents homes, even worse to have clean, undamaged clothes at your dry cleaner, that they will not release.
28 November 27, 2012 at 10:54 AM
Why are they refusing to release them?
Marie Romm November 27, 2012 at 11:57 AM
r u for real? they suffered major damages along computer problems etc. it may be an inconvenience for you but there are far greater problems. stop being so angry and deal with it
Tideline November 27, 2012 at 06:11 PM
Marie, my comment was addressed to those who have clothes being held up at the Laurel Dry Cleaners, so this does not apply to you. But, I will try to give you a pass since reading comprehension is not a strength for you.
Tideline November 27, 2012 at 06:15 PM
Many businesses in LB have now re opened. As for being patient, yes for one week, or two weeks, yet, we are now at the 30 day mark and at some point, it needs to be pointed out that the clothing is our property and should be returned to us. Especially, since it was not damaged. There is no need to rub salt the our wounds. I will spare all the laundry list of expenses that have depleted our savings in the last 30 days. If we had the money to go out and purchase new suits, we would. As two full time working professionals, we need business clothing to earn our living. This is not helping us. Nor is repeatedly putting us off with we will call you and then not calling and then finally saying we are not releasing any clothing. Is not being straight with your customers, nor endearing them for future business with them.
28 November 27, 2012 at 08:13 PM
Tideline - I am with you 100%. How difficult would it be to open the door and give people back their property? Doesn't help you now - but in the future find another cleaner. We are all trying to patronize the stores that have re-opened - but the Laurel Dry Cleaners is not being fair to their customers and doesn't deserve loyalty.
Tideline November 27, 2012 at 08:19 PM
2-8 well said, that is how we are looking at it. We don't mind trying to work together to get through this and patronize our local businesses, but after this it would be hard to continue to go there. The customers should come first. If the clothing was lost or damaged that is one thing, but hanging high and dry on a rack above the water and sludge is a whole 'nother story.
Tideline November 28, 2012 at 08:53 PM
JT, sorry to hear that your life situation is being made worse by the dry cleaner that you entrusted with your property. Perhaps, some unemployed, gov't assistance recipient will chime in from her Mother's basement and tell you to " just deal with it ". You are going to love this. Since you are out of state, you likely did not see the sign hung up at the Laurel today. We "hope to be open in a few short weeks". If you have not already waited long enough for your clothes, you can just deal with waiting a few weeks longer. Isn't there an advocate who can get involved here to help the flood victims who are in need of their clothes back ? Ideas anyone .....
28 November 28, 2012 at 09:10 PM
They were there to hang the sign but not open for a brief time so clothing could be retrieved? Can an attorney help? What about their neighboring stores? Do you know where the owners live? Who is their insurance company? Sue the pants off them once you get your clothes back. Small claims I think goes to $3000 - you needed to buy new clothes because yours were being held hostage by a heartless proprietor.
Jacquie Turner November 28, 2012 at 09:18 PM
i didn't think it was necessary to mention that i lost most of my personal possessions in the hurricane. i am out of state because my building won't be inhabitable for another 6-8 weeks and do not have any clothes. in addition, i had to find a place to live in the interim and need something to wear for doctors appointments and interviews. i didn't think i needed to tell everyone my tale of loss - that was personal and private. i am out of state because my place will not be ready before, at the earliest, sometime in january - so i would appreciate it if you don't comment on things you know nothing about. everyone has suffered loss and we are all existing the best we can under the circumstances. for your information you do not know what efforts i have participated in with people who suffered great loss and need people to drive them to medical appointments, etc.
28 November 28, 2012 at 09:27 PM
JT you don't need to explain to anyone why you need your clothes - they are your clothes - that's a good enough reason. Good luck to you - it will all work out - I hope you get back in your home quickly!
Tideline November 28, 2012 at 11:51 PM
JT, I don't understand why they can not just take the tickets, as they normally do and or a description of the garments picked up and let the flood victims have their clothing back. I can't imagine that an insurance company would be so heartless as to deny survivors living in a Federal Disaster Area to have clean clothes to wear. Sounds like you were living on Shore Road, what a mess down there.
Cathy November 30, 2012 at 02:30 PM
First of all, did you ever think that they too were affected by the storm - meaning their home, their lives turned up side in addition to yours? I was speaking with Allen and like many people lost the first floor of his home. He told me he didn't get heat or hot water until Thanksgiving so yes - you are right, he should have sat in his store that was destroyed to help you rather than fix his home. I went to the store two weeks ago and they explained to me what was going on with the clothes. Explained to me how insurance handles this mess and and before they could release clothes, insurance sends someone to inventory everything in the store. If you had damaged clothes why should they hand it to you knowing that if it is not filed within the inventory you cannot claim damage on it. And really- sue them. come on people. You are being absolutely ridiculous. Obviously they suffered a major loss being closed this entire time so now turn around and sue them for something they had no control over. Did you speak to them? They really looked you in the face and were rude? I have gone by there to go to the butcher and deli numerous times during this ordeal. The owners have been there , not just to hang a sign. They have been cleaning and fixing their machinery so that they can reopen. Every time I go by and stop in to get an update they are more than compliant. They were upset because they didn't want their customers to think that they abandoned them, but obviously you feel otherwise. The owners are so nice and it upsets me that you would talk so poorly of their business and belittle their character. I have been a loyal customer for over 15 years and will continue to use them once they reopen. It saddens me that even with everyone's losses there are still people out there that look to make this situation worse. They are doing everything they can to open their doors once again. Why don't you go in there and speak to them directly instead of demeaning them online. I have seen them there in the mornings as well as afternoons. I was there today and Allen informed me that his machine was being fixed as we speak. He is there to help so go talk to him.
Joanne Rimmel November 30, 2012 at 03:17 PM
My name is Joanne Rimmel and I am sorry that you seem to be having a problem retrieving your clothing from the cleaner. I have lived in Long Beach my entire life and have been a customer of the Laurel for over 30 years. I have always been treated extremely well by them. I went to see them two days after Sandy's destruction and they were in their store accessing the damages. I spoke with both Allen and Lisa and not only did their store receive extensive damage, but their home was also severely damaged. They are doing the best that they can. I asked why they did not have a message on their phone to let the customers know what is going on and was told that they would love to, but that Verizon has decided not to turn on phones unless you switch to Verizon Fios. One of them has been in the store everyday. For those of you who have never owned a business, when there is any type of damage the insurance company comes in to inventory. This protects both the customer and the owner. And just to let you know, I had two tickets of clothing, both shirt laundry and dry cleaning. I was told that I would have to wait until the the store was inventoried to receive my drycleaning, but that Allen was going to the shirt launderer to pickup shirts that were requested by customers. As promised, he called me today (his conversion to Verizon Fios was done yesterday) and I will be going in today to pickup my husbands shirts. After 911 everyone pulled together to help one another and then....poof....people returned to their true selves. It saddens me to see a repeat of this. We all banded together to help one another after Sandy and now that some people are returning to normalcy, they have little or no patience or concern for others. Laurel Cleaners has been around for just about fifty years in Long Beach with the same owners. If they didn't treat their customers so well would they have lasted this long in town. No they wouldn't.
28 November 30, 2012 at 04:32 PM
When you have lost EVERYTHING you own and your only change of clothes in in the dry cleaner and the proprietors have not been communicating (they could have posted a cell phone number on the door) and over a month has gone by - the situation is extreme. I am sure they are wonderful people but they certainly have not shown an ounce of respect or understanding for their customers. Cathy and Joanne it sounds like you have other clothes to wear and that you have a comfortable place to stay. When people have lost it all including their jobs they need every bit of help and understanding they can get. Yes - 911 was a terrible time and so is this - but to accuse people of little or no patience - come on - it's over a month. Show a little pity and understanding for your neighbors who did not fare as well as you.
Jaime Zung November 30, 2012 at 11:51 PM
Tideline: If you're suffering so much how come you have time to spread such ignorance? You should educate yourself before you speak about things you know very little about! My family and I have been loyal customers of the Laurel Cleaners for three generations! Why? Because we have always been treated fairly and with respect (and of course because we like the service.) Just like some of the others who have commented, I too have passed by the Laurel and dropped in to speak to Allen who was busy trying to get his business back in order. There are rules to follow to make sure that all the clothing is safe to return and that it is inventoried so that customers will have everything in order if they need to file an insurance claim. Allen and his family have never left their home so that they could visit the store on a daily basis in order to clean it up and prepare it for business as soon as possible. They lived without heat, hot water, electricity and gas for three weeks so that they could be available at a moment's notice to meet repairmen, insurance people, and others at the store. Stop hating. The world will be a much better place.
Tideline December 01, 2012 at 09:46 AM
Jaime, the first sign of ignorance is lack of respect for the views and opinions of others. You have no idea how many times we went to Laurel cleaners or how many times we were told we would be called shortly and never were. If you wish to continue to prostitute yourself for the Laurel, that is your business. Clearly, they have dropped the ball in a big way and will lose many long time customers over the way this has been mishandled. You are aware of this and that is why you are in damage control mode. Nu-Clear Cleaners 180 East Park Ave. 889-0674
Jaime Zung December 01, 2012 at 10:14 AM
Good Morning Tideline: You are correct. I do not know how many times you went by the Laurel Cleaners but I do know that if you were told that you would be "called shortly" you must have been in the store because there was no phone service. So if you were indeed told that "you would be called shortly", you must have spoken to the owners. If you were there you would have seen the condition of the store and would surely have heard from the owners what exactly was going on and how they were trying to get everything up and going again so that they could begin to serve their customers. If anyone is showing a lack of respect it is you. Use your real name and stop hiding your false accusations behind a pseudonym.
Tideline December 01, 2012 at 12:13 PM
Jaime, many times when business owners are faced with a PR disaster that will effect the health (profits) of their business in the future. They will put out spin thru a third party, or use a false name to do it themselves. Only a fool, would not protect their personal security and risk having their property not returned to them for exercising their First Amendment rights about the way this has been grossly mishandled. I don't beleive that it is false that there is no one in the store, they have not been calling every customer and they have refused repeated requests to return customers property. You just don't want the truth to get out. BTW, Tideline is my real name. Sounds like you did not get the memo that everyone around here had water, mold, lost cars, no power, no heat, no hot water, etc. Amazing the level of arrogance, that the owners should get a pass for this and no RESPECT for the customers who are dealing with the same issues and just want their property back. If Laurel is working so hard, then why is it on a Saturday (today), there is NO ONE there to communicate with their customers who work all week and could not come down during the week ? Nice. Is that the respect you were talking about. NuClear is packed with a line that goes out the door. Many of the people on the line, were customers of Laurel and you would have a stroke, if you heard what they are saying about the Laurel. There was more steam on the line than in the back with the pressing equipment.
Jaime Zung December 02, 2012 at 11:09 PM
Nice talking with you Tideline! This is my last communication to you because you are a liar and I am wasting my time. The Laurel cleaners was open on Saturday...ALL DAY. There was a big sign on their door and there were customers inside. I was one of them. Why such hatred? You called yourself a professional in a previous communication. I am so sorry that you are such an angry person. God bless you!
Tideline December 06, 2012 at 04:51 PM
I drove past the cleaners and the door was closed and lights were out, like wise when I passed by a second time in the afternoon. I saw the sign on the door. We dropped off our clothes in October, it is now December and no clothes back nor the ever "promised" phone call. What did I lie about ?The only lie told was " I will call you". On another note, NuClear Cleaners 180 E. Park Ave. offers same day service. Has anyone gotten their clothes back from Laurel ?
Dave B December 06, 2012 at 08:11 PM
I was at the Laurel this morning around 8:15am and received the clothes I dropped off back before the storm. The door was shut but I got out of my car to check if there was someone there. I saw people inside and opened the door and was helped. I spoke with Allen who said that they started construction at the beginning of the week and are hoping to open for business early next week. After getting my clothes I left the store but saw him again later today when I went to see if the butcher was open down the block, that was around a quarter to 5. Allen was still there and when I passed there were people in the store talking with him and picking up their clothes from the store. I stopped in again to ask a favor, an unrelated matter, and Allen told me he would be in the store from 8am throughout the day while the construction in going on until they reopen. Stop in tomorrow, he should be there and if the door is shut try to knock or just open it. Did you leave a message on their machine?
Hunter W. December 06, 2012 at 08:53 PM
Tideline what is your problem? Looking at all of your posts all I see is negativity. Are you even a real customer of the Laurel or is this just another one of your ridiculous rants? I work across the street from the cleaners and must pass by at least three or four times a day when I go to the deli to get coffee or whatever else. The door is usually always open and there has been construction going on in the store for at least a week. If you would take the time to actually take a look inside you would see that they really got destroyed from Sandy. Stop passing judgement on things you don't know. From what I hear they got a double whammy....their house got destroyed as well as their place of business. You keep throwing Nuclear into your rants....are you being paid by them to trash a competitor?
Tommy_S December 08, 2012 at 12:29 PM
Well said Hunter W! I had no problem getting my stuff back from them, and for someone like yourself to put so much emphasis on NuClear and what they're doing, thanks but NO thanks.... I don't think anyone is really believing in your bull$hit! Wouldn't be surprised if you work there and/or just get paid to trash Laurel Dry Cleaners. Logically thinking, why Laurel would hold on to all of your (and "28"s) clothes? Get a life and do something more productive with yourself, other than spreading negativity and making shit up.
Tideline December 12, 2012 at 10:14 AM
Dave, I left multiple messages in person, that were written in the book that they are keeping of the people who come in looking for their clothes. Thanks for your input. Hunter, you obhviously have not looked at all of my posts. When you post, it is a piece of journalistic excellence and when someone else posts, it is a rant. How narrow minded of you to belittle someone else's opinion and experience. I am well aware of the active construction going on in the store, at my home and for that matter all around town. I don't have to take a "look" inside, I have been inside on numerous occasion since the storm and the day before the storm in an effort to get our clothes, which were not ready to be picked up. You should take your own advice and stop passing judgement yourself on things you do not know about, like how many times we have been in there or how many times we were told that we would be called when our stuff is ready for pick up (still no calls). No, I have no affiliation with Nu Clear, or any other dry cleaner for that matter, just giving readers here some input on where they can bring their clothes and ACTUALLY get them back. How come you have not empathy for the customers who Laurel refused to release clothes to and were also victims of the storm, yet you cry a river for the owners of the dry cleaner ? Interesting that when clicking on your username it comes up with no prior posts, are you a troll account set up by the owners to perform damage control for their poor handling of their customers needs and lack of respect for their right to their clothing back ? BTW, this section on the Patch is called " Speak Out " don't just stew over it, write about" sad that you take issue with someone doing what the Patch has set up for their members to exercise their first amendment rights and speak out. You must ride the short bus since you lack the reading comprehension to understand that my original post solicited people who have their clothes stuck at the cleaners, which you obviously DO NOT.
Tideline December 19, 2012 at 09:54 AM
Tommy, No I do not work for NuClear, or any other dry cleaner for that matter. I am happy for you that you were able to get your clothes back, but not all the customers were as fortunate as you were. Sorry you can not handle the reality of that. Since your username has no threads started by you or posts, other than this one. Are you a troll account set up by Laurel to deflect the blame here onto their own CUSTOMERS. It is not just 28 and my family, there is a whole book full of people that came in and had their ticket numbers recorded to have their clothing located and the be called later. Well, we still have not been called. Maybe our clothes were destroyed. We don't know since numerous trips into the store yielded zero results and the multiple promises of phone calls to us never happened either. To answer your question, we were told after the storm the insurance company had to take a count and description of what was there. You really do have little understanding of insurnace and other customers who had misfortune, even though you were fortuntate not to have had suffered. Go back to your narrow minded existence. You have contributed nothing to the Patch and are a troll account that should be banned. Laurel could have come on here and address this, they did not.


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