Blue skies no poison seen

Blue skies, smiling at me...
Blue skies, smiling at me...
I thought I'd check the sky every once in a while for chemtrails. Here's today, 11:30 am. 360 degrees, unobstructed overhead view, nothing but deep blue skies. Maybe when you folks post pictures of the chemtrails you see, you could post them to a photo-upload site and link to them. That way we could all see the EXIF info embedded in the photo file- date and time taken, even location with most cell cameras. Maybe then we could figure out when the poison spray was coming. That would give us time to duck and cover under our desks. Who knows, maybe it's a Union job, so the poison pilots don't work holidays and weekends. I'll keep posting pictures from my 360 degree view to help figure out their pattern.
Archy Bunka February 23, 2014 at 05:00 PM
Bob, the whole chemtrail stuff is nonsense. It began from a paper the Pentagon published. There is no truth to it. Where does this aluminum in the soil come from? It comes from ALCOA, and all the other aluminum plants around the world. They belch it into the sky, night and day.
Penquin February 26, 2014 at 08:23 PM
Bob, you are funny and I enjoy your writing. Maybe the two separate unions are the chemtrail pilots and the contrail pilots.


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