Boardwalk visions

Long beach should use this opportunity, a once in a lifetime opportunity, to rebuild the boardwalk to indulge as many residents as possible. An informal survey reveals that residents would of course like to keep the bike and jogging lanes, as well as seating areas. Consensus would also like to add better workout areas (Not just a bunch of pipes hung for your hanging pleasure), more bike racks, air hoses to fill bike tires (Strategicallynplaced at east end, west end, and central boardwalk), and some shaded seating areas...nice to get out of the heat and sun for awhile on those hot days. Also suggested is a beach renewal fee added to every visitor beach pass this summer, like $2. This way everyone who uses the beach helps pay for the renovations...not just the long beach residents!!!
Just a Resident January 28, 2013 at 09:26 AM
Isn't it time that Long Beach has photo beach passes? And maybe an all around recreation pass that includes the gym, pool and ice rink? The photo pass would help stop the practice of handing off the pass through the railing so guests and friends don't have to pay. And why not shops? There could be places to dine, to buy sun screen, Long Beach t-shirts, rent an umbrella or chair.
V. P. R. January 28, 2013 at 05:35 PM
It should be FREE for residents ! Don't we pay enough in taxes that the beach should be FREE for residents?? An added fee to all these people that come from out of town and use our beach & dirty it up with trash ! A renewal FEE for all these people sounds good to me !


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