cha ba restaurant thumbs down !!!!

I have eaten in this restaurant dozens of times over the past three years, and always found the food excellent, however the last 2 times i ate there they offered me a choice of brown rice or white rice & I elected brown, & when the bill came there was an extra charge of $4,00, which I questioned, the first time, and figured maybe a lanquage barrier problem, the second time the same thing happened,,,& when i questioned the rude lady that runs the joint she said hey thats the way it is 
good food, but they are not straight up & will nickel & dime u like they did withe brown rice !!! I will never eat there again or patronage them !!! thumbs down !!!
Lbny99 November 09, 2012 at 10:17 AM
99% of us don't have power, water or heat and you are complaining because they charged you $4? You even say the food is excellent.get off patch you cheap bastard. You're wasting space for vital info.


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