Patch Question: Will More Stop Signs Mean Fewer Accidents?

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Residents who called for more stop signs in Long Beach await an analysis of traffic accidents for 2011. Starting in December 2010, the City of Long Beach installed more than 100 stop signs at intersections through the city, many in new locations and along the boulevards, in an effort to reduce traffic accidents.

According to police statistics, there were 961 accidents reported in the city in 2010, with 25 involving pedestrians or bicyclists, and four fatalities. The intersection of Long Beach Boulevard and Park Avenue had the most accidents, with 87. It has topped the list of intersections with the most accidents, according to statistics going back to 2007. The other intersections that were typically in the top five during that time were Long Beach Boulevard-East Pine Street, Riverside Boulevard-East Park Avenue, West Park Avenue- Edwards Boulevard, and the Waldbaum’s parking lot.

The most recorded accidents were in 2007, at 1000, and the fewest were the following year, at 958. There were 10 fatalities recording in all from 2007 to 2010.

What do you expect from the 2011 traffic analysis, after more than 100 stop signs were installed in the city? Voice your thoughts in the comments.

delete me January 15, 2012 at 03:15 PM
Lloyd, I do not believe you, of all Patch users, should be using the word "intolerant" in an accusatory manner. Then again, I am rather intolerant and confrontational IRL towards actions by others that may jeopardize my safety and quality of life. If you want to see some real hypocracy, go read the thread of everyone complaining about the uncollected parking tickets.
Lloyd January 18, 2012 at 02:08 PM
Awesome....I just dont get it when it comes to all those traffic and parking ticket scofflaws. If I dont pay my tickets on time, the County sends out stern warning letters, doubling the fine and threatening to revoke my license and/or registration. So the Patch article is telling me that nothing EVER happens to these scofflaws and I'm a fool for paying the fine? When I do get a ticket I ALWAYS contest it. Every single time either the fine gets greatly reduced or the cop never shoes up in court, or the judge rules in my favor and throws out the ticket. Am I in the minority here? As it is, the traffic court is overwhelmed with people showing up present their case. Tge courts look to adjudicate these cases as quickly and fairly as possible. So that usually means tossing out many of the tickets and greatly reducing the fines on the others All in the name of quick and cheap justice for all. BTW....I am intolerant of drug and alcohol abusers. I have been victimized by both among my friends and family. I'm sick and tired of making up excuses for them, coddling them, bailing them out, and covering up for their crimes and misbehavior. Its about time these addicts take sole responsibilty for their addictions, and stop dragging the rest of the world down to their low level.
mildred petrassi January 19, 2012 at 04:28 PM
Llyod.......let's re-vist the two elderly ladies who were in fact telling the truth about their strip seach ordeal......on the 11:00pm news last nite; the TSA ADMITS WRONG DOING. They weren't looking for a free ticket; and they were abused.
Lloyd January 21, 2012 at 02:51 AM
I still dont believe it, Mildred. What was their motive? The TSA admission didnt go nearly as far as the old women claimed. Its like all the people who claim they found rat hairs in their Big Macs, or tripped and fell on the wet floor at WalMart. I am in the legal field and have nearly 40 years of reasons to be skeptical.
michael coppola August 14, 2012 at 03:00 PM
The most ignored STOP signs and most dangerous intersections in all of Long Beach are the ones along Oceanview in the west end… You take your life in your hands if you are walking or biking along Oceanview on a sunny beach day or a summer NIGHT!!! Cars consistently race through these intersections without even slowing down. One of the worse spots is at New York Ave. If you leave a police officer/car on that corner (hidden off the corner on Oceanview) every day we could end the Long Beach budget crisis by the end of the summer… But we are ALL overlooking something just as bad or actually even worse… “RIGHT ON RED”!!! This rule needs to be rescinded immediately!!! A bike rider or pedestrian no longer has the right of way… People don’t even look for pedestrians… They are just interested if another car is coming and they only look back to their left, never looking to their right or both ways to see if a pedestrian is crossing. You are lucky if they even slow down. “Right on Red” is no different than a stop sign… You need to STOP and only proceed if the intersection is CLEAR… that means cars and pedestrians alike!!! WAKE UP IDIOTS!!!! The cars and pedestrians who have the GREEN… HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY!!!!


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