People are waiting.....

People everywhere are shopping….Black Friday…Cyber Monday…seeking out every sale that comes into their headlights

Except in Long Beach…

People aren't shopping they are waiting…waiting for the plumbers who promised their boilers or hot water heaters two weeks ago…waiting for the electrician to wire their house…waiting for LIPA to reconnect their electric….waiting for a call from the insurance company after the adjuster denied them for something that they were clearly covered for in their policy…waiting for their landlord to make their apartment liveable while he is holding out his hand for rent….waiting for the drift wood of shock to recede from their bodies long after the flood….and breath fully and freely of air without a musty moldy stench.

As the refuse of people lives is being carted away, the city has a Stepford Wives eratz orderliness…as people move robotically in the skeletons of their homes where 40 degrees has become the new 60 degrees.reaching for nonexistent refrigerator doors and empty closets

People are waiting…waiting to come home…..

Tonto Hertzberg November 30, 2012 at 08:55 PM
People are waiting, my ass. Most people are working like crazy to fix what is broken and replace what is gone. We have no time for whiners and negative heads. Lets get on with it. Do what you can to help yourself and make time to help a neighbor.. The author may be waiting but we are not.


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