Photos of 19-story Tower on LI

View of the tower from the neighborhood
View of the tower from the neighborhood

If the Superbock towers really do go to 19 stories, that would equal Nassau County Medical Center, currently the tallest building on Long Island.

Here are views of NCMC, East Meadow - 19 stories. Real photos, not "artist's conception." This is one y-shaped tower with 3 wings. Two towers of the same size would appear larger from the ground and would throw about twice the shadows. Of course, this would vary with season and time of day. In the summer, the sun is in the northern sky, so the shadows would be cast on the boardwalk/beach or parallel to the beach much of the day.

I've posted the images on the web so you can see them full-size

From the neighborhood

Overhead satellite shots, unknown time, showing shadow from the tower. The Tower and shadow are outlined in yellow:

Shadow in yellow circle 1

Shadow in yellow circle 2

Click on the images online for a full-screen view.

Fred Barnes February 15, 2014 at 09:27 AM
Seabycity post of john's letter had pictures too that show size like the proposed towers. residents need to focus soon.


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