Weekend street running events

It was Saturday morning  and I have to get to work on time yet due to Hundreds of runners on Broadway competing in a race, I can not freely pull out to drive onto the street to drive to work.  I am thinking what can I do.. If I  late it is unacceptable.  I began to inch my way out onto the street, when I saw a large space open up.  I put on my flashers and all of a sudden people are yelling at me and one runner smashed my car mirror and it folded into the body if my car .. It broke.. Needing repair... Another two punched my car...Another yells You should get a ticket... I  am paying 11,000.00 in taxes a year to live in a condo on the beach.  I have a right to drive out of my driveway to get to my job as usual.  We were not notified about this run and why should they take up the whole street?   
I am all for sports but rudeness and complete unjustified anger on the part of many runners makes me feel very disappointed and I think they should run somewhere else!!   They may live here ~   ( I doubt it) shame on You All!  

Please rope off the street for runners or use Beech street but to take a whole Main Street where people are blocked in unable to get out ?
plus, not sending out notices to condo residences is at fault.  If we were given notices we could plan to park our cars far from the runners, so we can get to our jobs.  


City of Long Beach response?

Wanttoknow February 14, 2014 at 08:02 AM
Get a city calendar. Send the City Corporate Counsel your car bill.
Jill A. Rasp-Krinsky February 14, 2014 at 09:35 AM
Our condo never received calendars as we usually do. Thanks.
Jill A. Rasp-Krinsky February 14, 2014 at 09:37 AM
I will get one. On my list. Yeah, send them a bill. $600.00 for replacement mirror. I don't think they will pay for it.


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