What Are Some Cost-Effective Birthday Ideas in Long Beach?

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So you want to go out on your child’s next birthday but you’re unsure where to celebrate it locally. What to do?  

Why not turn to our Moms Council, where each Wednesday our smart moms and experts take your questions, give advice and share solutions on the latest parenting hot topic?

So today’s Moms Talk form asks the question: What are some fun and cost-effective birthday party ideas in Long Beach?

The Moms Council consists of Long Beach residents Hillary Call, Colleen Horan-Green and Michele Reinbach. Their bios are available under their headshots in the photo gallery.

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Colleen Horan-Green March 09, 2011 at 06:17 PM
There are quite a few fun locations in the immediate LB area to have a birthday party (Earth Arts, Seaside Celebrations, LB movie theater, Turf Island, Fun Zone, Pump It Up of course ALL the bowling alleys) and quite extensive options if you are willing to travel further out on the island or other Burroughs (animal farms, museums, aquariums, sport events). These parties however, can become rather expensive and over the top but there are quick and simple ways to cut costs and to reign in overspending tendencies. First, the day and time of the week—locations often offer discounts and cheaper prices for week day events and the time of the day can reflect what menu you can select. Resist the need for “add-on's” (extended packages/multiple clowns/magicians). Your party will go fast and you children don’t need too many things to occupy them, they will have fun spending time together. Instead of goodie bags full of chachkas, swap out for practical ideas that might even play into the theme. (Beach=design your own flip flops, hats, pails. Slumber-slippers, mini flashlights. Movie=free movie coupon, etc.). If you are lucky enough to have enough space in your home, host the party and instead of buying an expensive cake, make your own.
Michele W. Reinbach March 09, 2011 at 07:21 PM
These are great suggestions, Colleen. We are lucky to have so many fun locations in Long Beach. A few more: For Late May into the month of September, I would suggest the perfect cost-effective and most fun venue: OUR BEAUTIFUL BEACH! There are so many fun birthday party activities for a beach birthday party, from sports, to arts and crafts, photography. The kids could bring home a favor that they made themselves! For the Late Fall and Winter into Spring parties, how about a theme that matches the season of the birthday. Fall parties could include a visit to our Farmer's market, picking pumpkins and apple-picking or even going outside Long Beach, as Colleen suggested to other farms on Long Island for this adventure. With pumpkins or apples, go back to the birthday child's house to decorate pumpkins or make yummy caramel apples or mini apple pies as a party favor. Our own Long Beach Skating Arena screams out for Winter Parties! The cost for this would be higher, for skate rentals and an instructor to help run the party. Hot cocoa and cupcakes could end the party with party favors being an admission ticket and perhaps, a pair of gloves for future visits. In the Springtime, a planting theme could be fun. We don't have a nursery here in town, but there are nurseries in Island Park and Oceanside where the party can begin with a tour of different plants and end with a planting activity. Perhaps the nursery would even give space for this party! Happy Birthday!


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