Youth Charged in Boardwalk Robbery

16-year-old arrested in connection with incident on Sept. 17.

Shawn Persaud, 16, of Long Beach was arrested Oct. 6 for a robbery on the boardwalk last month.

Long Beach Police charged Persaud with second-degree robbery for an incident that took place on the boardwalk near Long Beach Boulevard on Sept. 17, according to an LBPD press release issued last Friday.

“At that place and time it is alleged that a jogger was on the boardwalk when he was approached by a group of young males,” reads the LBPD statement on the arrest. “The victim was grabbed from behind and thrown to the ground. During the attack, a cell phone and a small amount of cash was stolen from the victim. As a result of the attack the victim suffered minor injuries.”

Detective Lieutenant James Canner, commanding officer of the LBPD’s Detective Division, stated that police relentlessly investigated the case and other suspects are still being pursued.

“The arrest of Mr. Persaud was the culmination of a concentrated effort by the Long Beach Police Department’s Detective Division,” Canner stated. “We are continuing our investigation and more arrests are expected.”

Last month, police reported a second robbery that occurred two days later on Sept. 19, when a jogger was running at the 400 block of the east boardwalk and a group of about five youths, described as black males between the ages of 14 and 19, attacked him at about 10:44 p.m. The youths surrounded the jogger, kicked and punched him and stole his iPhone, and fled the scene on bikes and foot.

While police in that case said that the jogger suffered abrasions to his knees and elbow, people who know the victim contacted Patch to say that he suffered more serious injuries, including an injury to his eye that threatened his vision and required surgery.

Police ask anyone with information in connection with this robbery to contact the police department’s TIPS line at 516-705-7370. All calls will remain anonymous.

Mike October 13, 2011 at 05:41 PM
The 16 year old was questioned without a parent present. Oops. The 16 came forth on his own and did the right thing. Should not have been there in the first place but did the right thing nonetheless. So he gets all the blame. What about trying to straighten out good kids and not ruin their lives. Thats not whats needes.
Mike October 13, 2011 at 05:47 PM
We all seem to forget that this little City of Long Beach is run by politics and friends so its not about right and wrong its about who you know. Irish day was a nice idea unfortunately no everyone can hold their liquor. If there were no foghts or it was controlled it would be better but its an annual event no matter what. The police are NOT going to arrest that many people and douse the atmosphere of Irish day. I thinks its a good idea i just wish more people would control themselves.
Mike October 13, 2011 at 05:50 PM
Learn to read between the lines on anything coming from Long Beach and and politicians. Too bad. LB is a great place just a bunch of bad apples who think business as usual.
Trying to Make Sense October 14, 2011 at 12:27 PM
Just wondering... what about the rest of the attackers? I sure hope this "good" kid gone wrong has coughed up names. Attacks like this are vicious, anyone (teen gone wrong or not) who can do pummel an unsuspecting person from behind is a clear and present danger. They all must feel the absolute revulsion and punishment that their mindless violence deserves. No lust to ruin young lives Mike, but the road to a better life requires acknowledging the utter viciousness and contempt for human decency that their behavior represents.
MikeC. October 14, 2011 at 02:25 PM
If a sixteen year old kid steals a pumpkin off my stoop and smashes it in the street, he has committed a crime. If he beats me over the head with a stick before taking my pumpkin, he's entered a new realm. Public intoxication may be distasteful and foolhardy. Assault is a whole 'nuther smoke people!


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