Billy Dean's Cabaret Application Rejected, Car Seat Safety Inspection

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Court Upholds Zoning Board's Denial of Billy Dean's Wantagh Cabaret Application

The Supreme Court of the State of New York announced Monday that it has upheld the Town of Hempstead's decision to reject North Bellmore strip club owner Billy Dean's cabaret application for a proposed Wantagh nightclub/restaurant on Sunrise Highway.

Dean's suit against the town argued that the Hempstead Board of Zoning Appeals should have never revoked its original June 2010 approval for cabaret usage on 3500 Sunrise Highway in Wantagh.

The zoning board decided last March to schedule a rehearing of Dean's application under the name Green 2009, Inc. due to vocal opposition that mounted against the development, as well as a belief that not enough people were notified of the original hearing date.

Town Announces Car Seat Safety Inspection Summer Schedule

Hempstead Town has announced the summer schedule for the Child Car Seat Safety Inspection Program. The town's certified child passenger safety technicians will inspect and properly install child car safety seats and instruct guardians on their proper installation. State law requires that children under the age of 8 are restrained in an appropriate child restraint system when riding in a motor vehicle. 

Town technicians have received rigorous training and are certified by Safe Kids Worldwide, a coalition of 450 health and safety experts, educators, foundations, governments and volunteers.

Inspections take place by appointment only between the hours of 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. Guardians are asked to provide information in advance about the child's age, weight, height and current car seat. Space at each inspection event is limited and appointments are made on a first-come, first-served basis. The service is provided free of charge.

Appointments may be scheduled by calling the Town of Hempstead Department of Public Safety at (516) 538-1900, extension 217.

The schedule for the car seat program is as follows:

  • June 6-7: Uniondale - Uniondale Park, 710 Uniondale Ave.
  • June 13-16 (Sat): Baldwin - Baldwin Park, 3232 S. Grand Ave.
  • June 20-21: Franklin Square - Rath Park, 849 Fenworth Blvd.
  • June 27-28: Wantagh - Forest City Community Park, 3099 Morgan Drive
  • July 5-7 (Sat): West Hempstead - Echo Park, 399 Nassau Blvd.
  • July 11-12: Island Park - Shell Creek Park, 30 Vanderbilt Ave. & Traymore Boulevard
  • July 18-19: Valley Stream - Hendrickson Park, West Merrick Road, 1/4 block east of Fletcher Avenue
  • July 25-26: Westbury - Salisbury Park Drive Ballfields, 2330 Salisbury Park Drive, East Meadow
  • Aug. 1-2: Oceanside - Oceanside Park, 3800 Mahlon Brower Drive
  • Aug. 8-11 (Sat): Bellmore - Newbridge Road Park, 2600 Newbridge Road
  • Aug. 15-16: Elmont - Elmont Road Park, 755 Elmont Road
  • Aug. 22-23: Lakeview - Harold Walker Park, 1085 Woodfield Road
  • Aug. 29-30: Levittown - McLaren Field, Loring Road, Levittown
  • Sept. 5-6: Point Lookout - West Marina, Lido Boulevard, Point Lookout
  • Sept. 12-13: East Meadow - Speno Park, 745 East Meadow Ave.
  • Sept. 19-23 (Sun): Five Towns - Rock Hall Museum, 199 Broadway, Lawrence
  • Sept. 27-28 (Thurs/Fri): Floral Park - Centennial Hall, 29 Tulip Ave., Floral Park
  • Oct. 3-4: Seaford - Seamans Neck Park, 2700 S. Seamans Neck Road
Patrick May 24, 2012 at 11:44 AM
Lorraine, did you read the decision? There was NOTHING regarding notification of the residents. That was never an issue because the TOH went above and beyond the requirements for notification. Chris, are you a lawyer? You use terms such a summary judgement, etc. Do you know what they mean? You are correct, the town did not screw up originally, therefore their reversal is where they failed miserably. I spoke to attorneys very familiar with this case at the hearing yesterday, and they concur, also indicating that the TOH is and will be potentially liable for significant monetary damages. Who have you spoken to that is familiar with the case, and on what do you base your statement?
K June 06, 2012 at 10:57 PM
Wow, after reading all your posts I must say I feel sorry for the 5 year old you mentioned earlier. Do you berate everyone whose opinion differs from yours?
Patrick June 07, 2012 at 12:47 AM
Andrew, do not allow this comment to be deleted. I want all the people who read the Patch to understand what kind of derelicts comment on this story. This is perfect, shows the type of people who are involved in these discussions, top notch individuals. Now I am mad, not just intolerant.
Steve June 07, 2012 at 06:32 AM
There have been a number of informational documents provided via links which have provided factual information via public information (FOIL) documents and court decisions. Certainly, I would be gracious for the information and not label them derelict. The issue will be decided by the BZA based on information, documents, testimony as well as research done. This is the reason a special exception "granting" has a time specific limit. So, it can allow for public input , participation and any/all information documents which pertain to the matter which may affect or change the issuance of a special exception. The matter will not be decided in the court of "public opinion". It will be decided by a Board who is appointed as citizens to protect the communities and the best interests of the communities.
Patrick June 07, 2012 at 11:54 AM
Steve, it is the person who posted a commented about my daughter who is the derelic, and that is over the line. That is what I said, before the post was deleted. The only reason this issue is in question is because of the "court of public opinion" which provided not one material fact at the hearing about anything, just stories, supposition, and worst of all lies. Kevin Milano stated that his elementary school aged son was harrassed by the people from the club. The club does not open until 8pm, and from the research that I have done, the patrons really do not begin to arrive until much later than that. Testimony was given at the hearing from 2 other business owners in the mall that said it was neighborhood kids who harrass, not the patrons. So you tell me, who is more believable, a zealot or 2 legitimate business people who are there night after night. I do not need for anyone to give me information, as I have done my own research, and as I have stated many times, I am more informed than any opponent. It makes no difference if the opponents were told that the pope frequented Billy Deans, and he was ok with it, they don't care, they read and hear only what they want to, no matter the source. That is why I am so headstrong in my pursuit, because if left to their own devices, these rediculous people might actually succeed in their morality campaign. Five opponents at the hearing, none from NBell. What does that say to you?


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