Bumps, Facelifts and Stripes Coming to City Streets

Work on traffic-improvements and repaved streets slated for spring.

Motorists may soon find their travels through Long Beach bumpier in some parts, but smoother in others, while pedestrians will see more clearly where to cross at intersections.

This spring the City of Long Beach plans to install more speed bumps, repave some streets and use more visible stripes to mark crosswalks and stop lines.

Kevin Mulligan, the commission of public works, said traffic studies will be conducted on West End streets to determine if they warrant speed “humps,” which are flatter, removable speed bumps.

“There is a whole procedure in place to evaluate the average speed on roads to put down the speed humps,” Mulligan said.

Last summer and fall the city studied a couple of single-lane West End streets and found that one of them, Vermont Street, didn’t warrant the humps.

Mulligan said some streets are not candidates for the humps — including Ohio, New York and Maryland avenues — due to the type of vehicles that use such streets, such as emergency vehicles and school buses, or to their lower volume of traffic.

City officials have dicussed putting the humps on Georgia and Minnesota avenues, and are now evaluating these streets.

The city will also look to get signed agreement from residents who would have the humps installed right outside their homes. 

“In other communities there’s been clamoring for speed humps, but once you put them down the folks are not too happy with the trucks or vehicles going over them and making noise,” Mulligan explained.

Some West End streets already have speed bumps and humps. They are put down in April and removed in November before snowplows hit the streets.

Meanwhile, just as speed humps will go down on some streets this spring, so will tape-like striping and paint to mark crosswalks and stop lines at traffic lights.

“It’s highly visible striping and costs a lot more [than paint], but it will last longer, about three to five years,” Mulligan said about the new product.

These new features will appear at intersections in the West End and throughout the city, particularly where new stop signs have been posted.

“It makes out streets safer and it beautifies the area,” said Rick Hoffman, president of the West End Neighbors Civic Association, at the organization's March 23 meeting.

The city plans to install crosswalks on East Broadway at Edwards Boulevard, and New York state would pay up to 95 percent of the work, Mulligan said. He also noted that the city might get a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency that would allow the city to designate a biking lane on its streets.

Among the streets to undergo reconstruction this spring is Illinois Avenue, from West Park Avenue to West Beech Street. If the project is delayed, however, it will commence in the fall, after the busy summer season, Mulligan said.

Other streets currently in the design stage are , all in the Canals neighborhood, and the 600 block of West Market Street.

Mulligan also said that National Grid will soon start work on Michigan Street, ripping up the street between West Park Avenue and West Beech Street, and once that work is completed the city will repave that section of road.  

Elliot Pasik March 30, 2011 at 10:18 PM
Hey, Nathan, I think you hit the "submit" button a little bit too early. Try again, buddy.
Dominic Ciano March 31, 2011 at 11:26 AM
I don't live on the West side I do live on the East side. Experiencing day after day traveling & walking here there are so many items that seem to be ignored. The roads here its another story so many side streets here need total repair not a slap a of tar to cover spots. Long Beach Rd & Broadway had a facelift but they just stopped in the middle. Riverside geez watch out. Speed Bumps on the full length of Broadway. On the same corner LB Rd & Broadway during the summer cars are making a right on the red while I'll say some police cars ignore it. At the LIRR the same thing at the stop sign cars glide through it while people crossing going to the Beach street. At MacDonalds why put a cross no standing in the box on the street if the theres no police. My last beef right now is Edwards ave you have hundreds of thousand of people walking to the Beach its Lawsuit waiting to happen the sidewalks and curbs are horrendous. Broken curbs & cracked concrete. The center island on Edwards should have benches and made more to have a Park look. At many crosswalks there should be signs "Stop for Pedestrians" and I mean Stop.
joanne March 31, 2011 at 04:39 PM
Speed bumps are desperately needed on Connecticut Ave. Between beech & park. It's used as a cut thru to get to C-Town from park ave.& to avoid traffic on beech street. Please save us some !!
Carol M March 31, 2011 at 11:29 PM
Thanks for the info on the removeable speed bumps. I definitely wouldn't have realized it. Too bad the STOP signs don't say, "And that means YOU!"
Gary April 01, 2011 at 03:11 AM
EAST PINE St. def needs humps!!! In fact I want a mechanical hump. I want to sit by my window and when I see some (insert derogatory term here) flying down the street, I want to be able to pull a lever or push a button, make a bump suddenly appear in road and watch with glee as there shocks are thrust up through their fenders and their stupid heads hit the roof!!!


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