GOP Spokesman Challenges Jacobs, Democrats

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The following is from Nassau County Spokesman Brian Nevin in regard to alleged political threats made by Nassau County Democratic Chairman Jay Jacobs:

“The Nassau County Interim Finance Authority, Legislature and County Executive set forth a fiscal stabilization plan for Nassau County that holds the line on property taxes while cleaning up over a billion dollars in debt created while the Democrats controlled Nassau’s government. It's shameful and disturbing that Nassau County Democrat Party Boss Jay Jacobs is threatening political retribution to any elected official that works in a bipartisan fashion to implement this plan and prevent a property tax hike.

Boss Jacobs and his predecessor's handpicked Democrat legislators hiked property taxes by 42 percent, implemented a home energy tax, spent lavishly for a decade and left County Executive Mangano with a deficit the size of Texas. County Executive did not create Nassau's fiscal crisis, yet he is determined to fix it without hiking property taxes.

County Executive Mangano has spent the last two years cleaning up Democrat deficits, repealing taxes and cutting millions in wasteful spending added to government by Democrat legislators. County Executive Mangano has reduced the workforce by 20 percent and demanded concessions to protect taxpayers. No politician has done more to protect our residents' wallets. Boss Jacobs knows that Ed Mangano cannot be defeated in next year’s election cycle and is now trying to perpetuate Nassau’s fiscal crisis rather than allow his handpicked legislators to work in the best interests of the people they represent.

County Executive Mangano will not give in and allow the Democrat legislators to once again raise property taxes by 42 percent. County Executive Mangano will not allow Democrat legislators to once again approve a Fast Food Tax and Home Energy Tax. Boss Jacobs just doesn't get it. Our residents are taxed enough and will soon be taxed out of Nassau County if he has his way.

It is a dereliction of duty for Democrat legislators to stand lockstep with their political boss rather than best serve the residents they were sworn to protect."

Nassau County Urges Residents To Be Hurricane-Ready

Recognizing National Hurricane Preparedness Week, Nassau County Eis reminding residents about the importance of assembling a "Go Kit," in the event of a hurricane watch or warning. This year, National Hurricane Preparedness Week runs May 27 through June 2. The 2012 Atlantic hurricane season will begin on June 1.

Kits should be kept by front doors in a duffel bag and include enough supplies for everyone in the household for five days, including:

  • First aid kit. Pack a "how to" guide as well.
  • Essential prescription and nonprescription items and medical information.
  • Battery-powered flashlight and radio (or crank radio), extra batteries and a 12-hour glow stick.
  • A change of clothes, plus rainwear, sturdy shoes and protective gloves for everyone.
  • Personal items, eyeglasses and personal care items.
  • Important documents in a waterproof container: drivers' licenses, wills, birth/marriage certificates, insurance policies, deed or lease papers, recent tax returns, credit card and bank account numbers, Social Security cards, Passport and Home inventory list.
  • Make sure you have special items for infants, elderly persons, pets or loved ones with special needs.
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That's online too, http://oysterbaytown.com/index.asp?Type=B_BASIC&SEC={9846AF95-2FE7-45AD-9A03-06A854D4D6CF}
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That's about the best you will get online


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