Question of the Day: Should Albany Allow Long Beach to Reduce Speed Limit?

Weigh in with your thoughts on this issue.

The Long Beach City Council voted on June 7 to have the city seek the required permission from the state Legislature and Assembly to reduce the maximum speed limit to 15 miles per hour on streets in the Presidents Streets neighborhood: Cleveland, Harding, Mitchell, Belmont, Atlantic, Coolidge, Wilson and Taft avenues.

While in years past the city had moved successfully to reduce speed limits in both the West End and Canals neighborhoods, its efforts to take the same action for the President Streets was not approved by the legislature in 2005.

Answer this question in the comments: Do you have confidence that the state Legislature will approve this reduction in speed on the Presidents Streets — and should it?  

Michele Reinbach June 21, 2011 at 10:09 PM
We all seem to agree that we want our community to be a safer one. How to achieve this is the question and as with all questions, there are a multitude of answers. Reading over the comments, it is clear that no matter what the solution is to improve traffic safety, the people of Long Beach feel that the RESPONSIBILITY begins with residents and visitors abiding the laws of the road. What exactly is RESPONSIBILITY? To me, it is the ability to respond to your actions. If caught breaking the law, tickets or severe penalties may be the eye-openers for some, especially if it was a very stiff fine or points on their license. For others, it may be the unthinkable. A horrific traffic accident that caused yes, read this word, and say it out loud. DEATH. Imagine that if you are lucky enough to walk away from a tragedy that you caused, you would continue to live with the knowledge that being irresponsible caused something senseless, something that could have been avoided. Something that caused hearts to be broken and pain that lasts forever. People often say things won't change unless someone experiences a personal tragedy. Let's prove this statement wrong. And, as stated by Earthling, "Let's make it a Happy Summer!"
Jack June 22, 2011 at 02:17 AM
As I asked, please clarify all of these efforts by Councilman Torres. Where are these ongoing efforts? I mean really. The guy is completely full of hot air. I realize your concerns are very altruistic and you want certain things that are for the betterment of the community but Torres has done absolutely nothing. He will "yes" you to death and then do what he feels benefits his public personna. I would rather someone just say, "no" than listen to the "you know what" that this guy spews. Harvey is of the same mold. I don't think the man has ever written his own bill. He just jumps on everyone else's train as a co-sponsor. Fran I could vote for. Lenny? He's the kid who always said, "yes", so he didn't get beat up. Also, your boy Fagen, (who I had high hopes for) is a criminal. I know, I know, he's innocent until proven guilty. Like I said, he'll plea it out and leave you to explain. Sorry, Rich.
Preston June 22, 2011 at 02:40 AM
This is an example of politicians trying to look like they are doing something meaningful for a community hoping that the citizens forget about high school taxes, illegal aliens, wasteful spending ,welfare, high crime rate, etc. Put this legislation in the same category as cell phones , seatbelts and texting- useless laws that make little difference. Take time to analyze recent fatal car crashes: elderly driver who should not have been driving, road rage lunatics behind the wheel, inattentive/ under trained school bus operator, out of control truck driver. None of the above involved going over the speed limit
Richard Boodman June 22, 2011 at 03:09 AM
From whatI understand, Torres is out there pounding the pavement, reaching out to his constituents, and along with Weisenberg, prepared to do whatever it takes to get the legislation passed. I hope you are wrong. However, if all else fails, we can start a new party, The long Beach Party and run you and Neal and Clem for City Council. With my sign space and the army of geezers over at The Coffe Nut Cafe' behind you, it will be a piece of cake. And....With you guys in charge, the signs on the bridges will read, "WELCOME TO LONG BEACH, AMERICAS SAFEST CITY, ALL LAWS STRICTLY ENFORCED...... AND WE MEAN IT"
The Real Neal August 01, 2011 at 01:22 AM


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