Rec Center Ceiling Loses Battle with Rain

Tiles at aging facility start to come loose in wake of downpour.

The Long Beach Recreation Center was closed Friday after a section of the ceiling started to fall in the wake of stormy weather.  

The suspended ceiling tiles in the lobby, men’s locker room and an office came loose after heavy rain fell overnight and leaked into the building where city employees are reconstructing the roof.

“A small section of the ceiling had come loose because of the rain this morning,” James LaCarrubba, the city’s commissioner of public works, said Friday. “We took that opportunity to tear down the entire ceiling and remove all of the insulation and sheetrock that has been sitting up there for God knows how long.” 

Workers were expected to finish replacing the roof during the weekend, as the facility was reopened Saturday morning. “We’re going to be putting a new ceiling, some new lighting and wiring in the lobby and the hallways,” LaCarrubba said about the repairs.

Water has leaked into the multipurpose facility for many years, perhaps even decades, LaCarrubba said. The aging facility on Magnolia Boulevard and West Bay Drive, which features a pool, weight room and cardio room, has been the subject of much criticism from residents who have called for upgrades and an even an entirely new building.

joe May 08, 2012 at 09:09 PM
Actually the City didn't hire an outside contractor to strip the roof they used in house city workers. When those workers stripped the roof they were removed by the city manager and directed to put up a partion wall in the senior center. Who in their right mind opens up a roof and then leaves it like that? Our esteemed public works commissioner should have explained to our idiot city manager that the partition would have to wait until the roof was sealed. Guess what the roof satyed open and it was deluged on Sunday afternoon two weeks ago. Still and even after that incident the workers continued to work next door at the senior center not on the rec roof. This latest collapse was the second, now they are blaming it on lack of ongoing maintainence. Spin it anyway you want Jack but this one is on you.
I.D. May 09, 2012 at 02:48 AM
i went to the rec today to buy my beach passes...good luck on that. they are not ready yet. seriously, you have had 9 months to be ready for this. and the rec is a WRECK and there is mold and hair all over the floor in the ladies locker room. i will not swim in the pool anymore, tired of feeling like i just swam through an oil spill, and then there are the clumps of other peples' hair in the pool. i did speak with the pool lady a month ago regarding this filthy situation, everybody should be wearing a cap unless they have marine cut. the entire city is a dirty, broken mess. i am so sad to see my dream community under a big, corrupt cloud.
Eddie May 09, 2012 at 12:00 PM
Remember this when you pay your $550 increased tax bill and when you vote in November.
Fred Barnes May 09, 2012 at 01:56 PM
why wait for november?? to give another team an opportunity to screw it all up some more?? why not hold the new team responsible for fixing the budget"? go to the may 15 budget hearing and blast the city council about raising taxes
Eddie May 09, 2012 at 06:37 PM
Today, the "City Engineer" ordered plastic bags hung under the leaks where the roof was removed. The bags quickly filled with water, so he directed holes to be applied to them permitting pressure relief into garbage cans. A long string of temporary lighting was nailed under the leaking ceiling. I hope someone in this city is qualified to do something that they were hired to do. Pretty dangerous situation right now.


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