Town's Train Parking Pilot Program, Billy Dean's Update

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While there has been chatter about a pilot parking program coming to the Bellmore and Merrick railroad stations, the Town of Hempstead said that nothing is set in stone yet.

Currently, the proposed program currently states that about 10 percent of the parking would be restricted to Town of Hempstead permit holders in order to free up spaces for commuters who frequently travel to the city. The permit would cost residents $3 annually.

The Bellmore and Merrick train stations were targeted for the program because there have been no regulations on parking and no Town of Hempstead passes necessary, so people from other communities head to these lots and hop on the train.

Whether it is because they can catch the express or because it is cheaper to come from the Bellmore-Merrick zone instead of further east, these parkers leave little spots available for residents.

Click here to read more on the potential parking program.

Billy Dean's in Bellmore Applies for New Cabaret License

Billy Dean, owner of Billy Dean's Showtime Cafe in Bellmore, went before the Hempstead Town Board of Appeals Wednesday in an attempt to renew his cabaret license and off-street parking variance, both of which expired March 28.

No decision was made by the board Wednesday, but several residents spoke out both for and against the establishment.

"If this license is not renewed, 17 people will lose their jobs," co-owner Rori Gordon said, said. "It was renewed with no problems before and we will not let you down."

Click here to read more on Wednesday's hearing.

Patrick June 08, 2012 at 02:59 AM
I am in possession of a letter penned by Kevin Milano, your hero, that states the following, "I assume they are desperate, because at the end of the hearing it was "the bash Kevin Milano show". It continues to question your reps., the BZA, everyone who had a different opinion. Great character. This is a direct quote "I will be calling the BZA tomorrow to make a formal complaint about how they could allow RG to rant about me since number one it was lies but mainly because it had nothing to do with the renewal issue or hearing. 489-5000 feel free to call to support me if you wish." Good luck defending this one. By the way, one of many self serving comments from the letter. More to follow. Kevin, hows family life?? Just asking.
Patrick June 08, 2012 at 03:42 AM
Now more, where should I start. Ahh the letter to the editor in the Citizen, this is great, "Our BZA let the strip club owners supporters make negative comments about our children." Did not happen. Another, "This, in my opinion,can only be to mask a renewal of the strip club owners license." Bashing the BZA again in print, Kevin? Another,"Not sure when the BZA will make their decision but from my eyes, and I am not a lawyer, but I have been well read on Zoning Law over the past year, this is a no brainer" I understand completely, Kevin, you make so much sense. Another "And they denied me a chance to defend all the lies she was throwing out. Big Bad Kevin Milano was attacking the two strip club owners and they are "afraid of Kevin Milano". Must be a party at your house, KM. Can anyone other than me see where this is going? More? OK. "I cannot tell you how offended I was that my BZA allowed a SCO to conduct a 10+ minute rant about me at the hearing." I have many more, Kevin, can't wait to reveal. Every one of these quotes are Kevin Milano's words. Kevin Milano will not respond, because he is afraid of the consequence that the truth forces. I have all the documentation, Kevin. Fab!!
Patrick June 08, 2012 at 03:59 AM
But it is all about the kids, right Kevin Milano? Anyone want to contest this?
Patrick June 08, 2012 at 12:31 PM
For all to read, Kevin Milano's letter to the editor: "I can not tell you how offended I was that my BZA allowed a strip club owner to conduct a 10+ minute rant about me at the hearing on May 23. The BZA allowed her to make defamatory comments towards me and the disturbing part was, by the chairmans own admission, ti had no place of relevance to the hearing. This, in my opinion, can only be to mask a renewal of the strip club owners lecense. Our BZA let these strip club owners supporters make negative comments about our children, stating all the problems in the area where the strip club is located is because of "those spoiled brat kids from Bellmore" They actually said that. Our BZA knows that these individuals from Suffolk COunty are operating a strip club in Bellmore across from one of our elementary schools, our public library, a place of worship and within feet of houses with children. In my opinion there is no way, by code and law, they should renew this license. From what I know, these strip club owners have no right to this lecense. Our appointed BZA has to give them a Special Exception and/or variance inorder for them to operate. As I said at the hearing, I don't care how many people the strip club owners provide "free drink and food" to obtain signatures of support. Our BZA has to protect our children and the character of our communities. They must think why this has gone on and correct a mistake." Unbelievable, to say the least.
Patrick June 08, 2012 at 01:12 PM
This letter is undisputable evidence that this campaign is for one thing, Kevin Milano. Never once in his letter did Kevin Milano even speak to the article written in the Citizen last week that detailed the proceedings. It was all about me, me, me. My BZA, 10+ minute rant about me, defamatory comments towards me. I was at the hearing, and all the information proffered was backed by fact. As you all can see, a hearing about a license renewal, has been encapsulated in 4 paragraphs that orbit around one thing, Kevin Milano. No disputing this. Our elementary shcools, our public library. If my information is correct, and it is, Kevin Milano does not live anywhere in the vacinity of any of these locations. When asked how this business has any direct effect on him, Kevin Milano could not say anything, nor could any of the four others in opposition. But this is all about HIM. I have never, ever seen anyone so self absorbed. How any credibility can be attached to anything Kevin Milano says is beyond me. He never once spoke to the information given at the hearing, just about how he was maligned. Everyone can have an opinion, and Kevin Milano has many, but they all seem to be about himself.


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