Voters Cite the Boardwalk, Quiksilver, Taxes as Top Issues

Long Beach constituents share what motivated them to cast their ballots.

As Long Beach residents hit the polls Tuesday to vote in the City Council and County Legislator elections, a common theme among some who cast their ballots at East School was the desire for some kind of change, if not on certain issues, then among the city's political leadership.

The Rosensweigs, a couple that lives on Shore Road, were motivated by two issues: the refurbishment of the boardwalk and the Quiksilver surf competition.

"The boardwalk, of course, is a big concern," Esther Rosensweig said. "We have a bench on the boardwalk and in the last year, it's been broken. I've called repeatedly and was told not to worry, it would be repaired. I was just there and it is still broken."

Her husband, Ira, cast his vote with matters surrounding the September's professional surf competition uppermost in his mind.

"The way they handled the Quiksilver competition and festival wasn't right," he said of the city officials. "They weren't straight forward and out in the open with it. We've been to council meetings and we would just like more transparency."

While some constituents turned City Manager Charles Theofan’s post-Hurricane Irene decision to cancel the festival portion of the Quiksilver competition into a rallying cry to vote the Republican incumbents out office, some voters wouldn’t allow this issue to sway their vote.

“I wish they would have went forward with it, but it’s not a black and white issue,” Dennis Donahue said. “I understand their side of it. People in town were devastated by Irene, so it would have been weird to have a big party on the other side of town.”

Like Esther Rosensweig, Margie, a six-year resident of Long Beach, thought the boardwalk was a top issue.

"There's been a lot of talk about the repairing of the boardwalk, which is in dire need of something," said Margie, who declined to reveal her last name, after she cast her vote. "I think it's really important somebody addresses that this year."

Brandon Gordon, who revealed that he supported the Democrats, believes that taxes and the potential loss of city services are a primary issue for Long Beach’s future.

"It's really important now for young people to be able to afford to live here," Gordon said. "If you're going to tax us without giving us services, something has to give."

Andrew Fuchs, a 24-year resident, felt both city officials and the local Nassau County legislator needed to focus on brining jobs back to the city and preventing further losses.

"It's all about the economy right now,” Fuchs said. “Jobs and job creation.”

Andrew Mahoney had a different take on Tuesday's election than most voters. Pleased with the incumbent candidates and the city's current standing, he commented on what he saw as extravagant campaign strategies by local officials and unnecessary party divisiveness.

"I think there's a ridiculous amount of partisan politics for a small city,” he said. “We're not talking about abortion or national issues. We need to keep the streets clean and keep taxes down. As long as the candidates are doing a good job; the party doesn't matter to me."

Gerald Cymbalsky November 10, 2011 at 07:02 PM
Hi Coleen, You were likely deleted because your off subject matter. Try the blog section of patch.
laocoon November 10, 2011 at 10:14 PM
Laocoon, Seer & Priest sees a 25% increase in City taxes now that Democrats have been returned to power.
Jay Gusler November 10, 2011 at 10:21 PM
OK, elections are now behind us. One positive that came out of this election season is that it brought to the fore the deplorable condition of our boardwalk. The time for partisan finger-pointing over the condition of the boardwalk is over and the time to develop a realistic plan is at hand. There were many who posted thoughts on the problem here and elsewhere. I want to gather those thoughts and get the input of ALL that wish to offer it in coming up with a plan of attack for dealing with this source of civic embarrassment. Please contact me at: friendsofthelbboardwalk@gmail.com so that we, the OWNERS of our boardwalk, can have a say in what her future will be.
MAX November 11, 2011 at 12:10 PM
I dont understand who dont want this town run...your damaged brain killing long beach if you dont want qs,festivals...new ideas just get outhere...unemployment rises beacuse of you.....please do something for long beach
The truth hurts November 12, 2011 at 01:51 AM
Im The Truth Hurts and I approve this message:So I thought it would be nicer to have What the real Long Beach Citizens think are the issues of Long Beach. In no particular order... Janet from another planet traffic cop, Marvel closing those 3 months cause thats always when I want some, Walking into Walbaums and smelling all those nasty bottles, Rob Richards and Ben from Beach House wait thats number one; sorry the rest in no particular order. Lawerance senior skip day, followed by Hempstead Senior Skip Day, tourists who think my car wont run there Manhanttan or Queens asses over, the therapy center thats been vacant for 10 years, people putting the right blinker on and going left, i mean we could go all day.... Stupid Long Beach Politicians,. I want to bring the Mayor back...I want a revolution....If they can overthrow Kadafi why cant we make Long Beach the way we want...I would like to announce my candidacy Vote the Truth Hurts for Mayor.Lets have a beach festival like Glastonberry, Woodstock, lets put Long Beach on the map. Have people leave there cars on the Van Wyck, Belt Parkway, and Hempstead Turnpke and walk. Remember Long Beach Summer 2012? Hellllll yea...Lets all start sleeping in front of city hall. We can have a tent city. We are the 99% who cant take the 1% of the people who run this city. Did you know the politicians in LB's heads have actual mouse wheels in them and they run on aged provolone? Woo Woo Woo Hey Long Beach Politicans The Truth Hurts.........


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