L.B. Board of Ed Adopts State Assessment Relief Plan

Chief Operating Officer Michael DeVito made a presentation on the status of the District’s reserve funds at the Nov. 12 Board of Education meeting. (Credit: Rosemary Leonetti/Syntax)
Chief Operating Officer Michael DeVito made a presentation on the status of the District’s reserve funds at the Nov. 12 Board of Education meeting. (Credit: Rosemary Leonetti/Syntax)

Written by Rosemary Leonetti/Syntax

The Long Beach Board of Education on Tuesday unanimously adopted a resolution to enable taxpayers to file for property tax assessment reductions made possible through the state’s Superstorm Sandy Relief Act.

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Through this series of new laws that were signed by the governor on Oct. 22, municipalities were granted legal authority to retroactively adjust property tax assessments for storm-damaged properties and allow a tax refund or credit to be issued to any property owners as a result of any downward assessment in property value. On Nov. 25, the Nassau County Legislature is expected to pass a resolution enabling taxpayers to file for reductions, clearing the way for the Long Beach School district taxpayers to file for these reductions.

In order to qualify for such a reduction, property owners must make a written request to the county assessor’s office by Jan. 21, 2014. Those residents who have already filed a Property Damage Review Form (PDRF) with the department of Assessment need not resubmit the form. For more information about filing a PDRF, call the Department of Assessment at 516-571-1500, email NCSandyRelief@nassaucountyny.gov or visit www.mynassauproperty.com. For a copy of the PDRF, visit http://www.nassaucountyny.gov/agencies/Assessor/documents/Property-Damage-Review-Form.pdf

In addition, the new legislation enables local governments and school districts to use money in capital reserve funds for expenses related to storm recovery, with the condition that these reserve funds be reimbursed with interest over a period of five fiscal years. Under normal circumstances, use or transfer of reserve funds must be approved by public referendum.

Chief Operating Officer Michael DeVito made a presentation on the status of the District’s reserve funds at Nov. 12 board meeting.

This presentation, along with all others made at Board of Education meetings, are available online, at lbeach.org.

Noway Jose November 15, 2013 at 10:17 PM
You don't know jack Jack. Are you aware that the teachers have seen their salaries frozen for the past two years while the Superintendent and his assistants got 2% raises and principals and directors got raises of 2.25-2.75%. Even the district's lawyers got a 2.5% raise.
LB TAXPAYA November 16, 2013 at 11:47 AM
Fire em all! These school board members have no problem spending your/my money! Bye bye you bloodsucking know it all demo/educrats!
BSM November 16, 2013 at 05:49 PM
Until the taxpayers become involved in the school budget process this trend will continue. THERE ARE TOO MANY HIGH PAID ADMINISTRATION EMPLOYEES! We have insane, made up positions that pay outrageous salaries. Why do we need a director of transportation, a bus dispatcher and an assistant bus dispatcher? Once the route is set it doesn't change. This is absurd and we are paying for it. We have principals, vice principals, assistant principals, directors for each course of study, department chairs. Just take a look at all the money already spent on frivolous positions, most of which a secretary did a good job of handling 25 years ago and we have yet to discuss teachers and necessary support staff. Oh, and don't forget all those high priced admins have high priced benefit packages too. We are being robbed and just complain to each other instead of making sure our hard earned money is best spent to educate our kids.
tom brennan November 16, 2013 at 06:20 PM
teachers deserve more than RedFACE Tagneys keystone kops at least the teachers have educations REDFACE just made it thru high school and MRS REDFACE who is on the school board dropped out and has a GED
tom brennan November 16, 2013 at 06:22 PM
getting MRS REDFACE off the school board is the first step. maybe she could start a drug rehab right in her basement and her son could be the first admitted. they could hold AA meetings at the house too and maybe they could sober up REDFACE MIKE TAGNEY


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