Hurricane-Ravaged Long Beach Hit with Snowstorm

Some residents say conditions are basically status quo after nor'easter hits city.

Long Beach boardwalk after Wednesday's nor'easter storm. (Credit: Joley Welkowtiz)
Long Beach boardwalk after Wednesday's nor'easter storm. (Credit: Joley Welkowtiz)

Long Beach was not spared when a nor’easter Wednesday dumped varying amounts of snow across Long Island, 10 days after Hurricane Sandy knocked out the city’s electrical power, water and sewage systems.

On Thursday, the day after the wet, heavy snowfall, Michael Scuderi said that limited electric power that was restored to sections of the East End was intact, at least on his East Beech Street block.

“What else can I say,” Scuderi wrote on Patch’s Facebook page in answer to a question about snow conditions Thursday morning. “That is my only problem and I wish I could pay someone to shovel it for me because I cannot do it after having four back surgeries!!!!!!”

Nina Trentecosta, a resident of East Park Avenue, between Franklin and Neptune Boulevards, said that traffic on her street and Lido Boulevard to the Loop Parkway was reduced one lane. While her electric was restored, her home is still without gas or heat after a tree that fell in front of her home was pushed back to the sidewalk and the gas main was compromised.  

“Been trying to get in touch with National Grid or someone to even come and look and/or start the process of fixing this and it has fallen on deaf ears,” she wrote.
President Streets resident Betty-Anne Watts said that her East End neighborhood remains powerless. “We are south of Park Avenue and East of Roosevelt! It’s awful,” she wrote.

Ally Barrett said that there were no snowplows on her street in Lido Beach early Thursday morning. “When is Lido getting support?,” she asked. “Still not one LIPA or Town of Hempstead truck since last week.”

Meanwhile the City of Long Beach reports in its daily update that the storm impacted the sewer system, which in recent days was up and running again. "The sewer system is down temporarily due to last night’s storm, please do not flush today – port-a-potties are still available throughout the City," reads the update. 


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